What TF happened to Icebound? Can't see anything

it’s not my favorite map, but yesterday it was the daily, so we played it…

What the hell happened to it??? Half the game it was filled with stupid faze/smoke/whatever, couldn’t see ANYTHING beyond a few meters… but, OF COURSE, the enemy saw you clearly through that!!

it was SO FUN fighting invisible sentinels on 45…

The map moved from ‘not my fave’ to 'fu#$ing hate it, never again."

Great skill needed, shoot enemies you can’t see, but which can see you.

Use The Force, Luke…

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Nothing! It’s always had that snowstorm fog, nothing’s changed. You’ll notice the ice doesn’t break when you get that snowstorm.

Actually, they increased the snowstorm density and/or changed the duration a while back for all modes(for specifics I’d have to find the post where this was mentioned).

Because PvE players totally enjoy visual obstruction that makes it impossible to see beyond a few meters for up to an entire wave while the enemy aimbots completely ignore it. Not. It would at least be bearable if they lost accuracy or followed the same rules as the players in that regard, but no, the Claw campers still shoot just as much and accurately as they do when there’s no snowstorm.

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The first two things I thought were that nobody uses Cryo with its buffed up range in snowstorm on Gunner, and Tactician could use Interrogation or Situational Awareness.

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The mechanic is actually broken currently. The ice can still remain unbreakable even without the snowstorm happening. For multiple waves in a row as well (usually until the bosswave is done).

I like this. But wha you should have said was that some strange old man appeared in the fog and told you to find Yoda on Dagobah, whatever that means!

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Well I can prove it. From the Operation 3 patch notes under the Maps section :

Icebound: The blizzard is now denser and lasts for 30 seconds rather than 15. This change is to allow more opportunities to traverse across the map. In Horde, the timing remains the same but the blizzard will also be denser.

Icebound: The blizzard still triggers every 2 minutes for all PVP modes except for Gridiron. In Gridiron, the blizzard triggers at the 1-minute mark and will only trigger that one time per round”


Thanks! This would be the solution than :smiley:

No bad intentions here but surley if someone believes a reply is the solution to their question shouldnt it be allowed?

Im sure u see many “solutions” on here that dont make sense.

I will point out i have only just signed on and dont know what has been said regarding this snow issue, i will assume u have deleted a solution for “reasons” and if that broke forum rules then fair enough👍


that was ( and still is technically ) the solution.

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Wonder why that was removed as the solution?

Thx for clearing things up.

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There was a specific about it. If it was speculation on changes made that had not actually happened, then it would not be a solution, because it’s speculation and rumor.

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But theres countless threads where solutions given are complete nonsense though. :grin:
Thx and have a nice day👍


I assume you are referring to the “solutions” in some of the threads Clown is involved in. Those are usually meant to be jokes. Not like in this thread.

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Feel free to report them if you believe so, and they can be checked.

No, i just feel if someone gives an answer and the op is satisfied that this solves there question then all should be good, i understand why sera removed the original solution as it was said to give inaccurate information regarding game specific mechanics and if people believed this to be true then… False rumours!!

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And I was basing myself off of actual information given out by TC, I just wasn’t bothered to search it up when I’d made the post.

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You’ve gotten your answer and already taken this way off-topic.

Hence - if you are going to post that it was from a source, please post the source. Rumors, assumptions, hearsay, etc. are against the guidelines as they cause issues. If it’s going to be a solution to a question, and it involves official information, it will need a source.

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