What TC can do about Horde quitters? or trolls?

I liked what TC did with MP, but what happens to horde? I’m playing mostly Inconceivable horde, but I spend sometimes more that 20 minutes getting a full team that doesn’t leave on wave 1 to 4. It’s really annoying :confused:

The other thing are trolls. 97% of the time I didn’t find one of them on my hordes, but this week I find this guy, really annoying. I play public horde always (except for some achievements), and I had the luck to get a team who went from 1 to 50, But what can you do with trolls? Report them is one thing, but playing with one for 2 hours is really irritating.

I know that do something about trolls are very difficult, but about quitters is necesary.

I suggested implementing penalties similar to Versus Ranked into Horde, so the first player to leave deliberately would get penalised.
But I doubt TC would even bother implementing one.
Not much could be done with trolls I think, pretty much reporting all come into mind.
That Soldier/Heavy(?) throwing Shock Grenades in videos, it wasn’t as half bad as I thought.
Gotta admit letting the Sniper die in shock radius was funny…
I’ve seen much worse or been involved in situations where the match completely ends because of trolling or sabotaging, resulting in quitting.
They either got a good reason or doing for kicks, one or the other.

So I was “lucky” to find that “my” troll is less troll than the real trolls. In MP I find more trolls, but in horde (Gears 4) is my first time that I remember (and that I recorded).

The match was going pretty well, it seemed.
Wave 40+ and 90,000+ Power inside Fabricator.
It was already Sentry/Barrier dominated, and nearly guaranteed victory.
Any form or attempts of trolling wouldn’t have a big impact like those throwing Shock Grenades at downed players.
If they really wanted to end it all, they would have moved Fortifications at the front or spent on Turrets to drain shetload of Power.
Or even dragged the Fabricator across the Map…
It wasn’t a big deal in your case, yet they got your reaction out of you.

The shocks was totally a troll move yet what truly bothered me was the lack of people reviving each other, which sadly happens quite frequently.

I usually see trolls on inconceivable when everything is going smooth and they realize they’re completely useless (usually soldiers and heavies but snipers sometimes).

If they annoy you that much then report them, yet blocking them works quite good for me.

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Not much TC can really do about trolls.
But for me penalties for me would would more or less kill horde in this game.
No map voting, can’t back out the lobby if you don’t like the map and have to stay and play for like 2hrs plus on a game your not enjoying.
Then if you start without a scout or engineer you can’t leave.

Don’t get me wrong from the above though.
I’d live it.I’ve only just started playing horde this weekend for about 5 weeks.