What Sraak Should Sound Like (In My Opinion)

Personally, I didn’t mind that he just had a Palace Guard voice, that’s kinda what I imagined him to sound like anyway. (Karn’s voice irked me, though.)
But, recently I started thinking, if he did have his own unique voice, what would it sound like?
It couldn’t just be a regular Drone voice, it had be worthy of his rank & colossal stature. I mean, the dude chokeslammed RAAM.
His growl gotta be deeper than the Mariana Trench.

Then I was like, wait… The Dark Lord. That’s perfect:

More specifically I think I’d layer the demonic voice over the Palace Guard voice, so that it’s kind of a mix. Ya know, kinda like harmonized singing. But, ya know, hellish.
(The OG Kantus voice was created using a similar technique, they’d layer inhales over growls.)

But yeah, this is my official petition to give Sraak the Dark Lord’s voice in Gears 6. It’s the ideal sound for him and I can no longer be convinced otherwise.


If he gets his own voice in Gears 6 I hope his voice actor is as good as Vrol’s is. Vrol sounds like a badass.


Kantus will always carry the most unique voice to this series, even more so with their motivational chant. That aside I too feel like the Theron hissing type of voice should’ve been limited to Raam and Therons only.

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Definitely agree with this. The Kantus sound very unique and not like anything else.

Here’s a neat little thing for you guys, in regards to the Kantus. Just in case you’ve never seen it.

He does the laugh at the beginning of this one

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Hell, I’d settle for simply new voice lines. They put in the work for Jermad, but couldn’t be bothered for Sraak and Karn?


Off topic but it’s sad that Zeta team dont interact with each other :pensive:


The more I hear Karn’s old voice, the more sad I get about this lmao. It’s so sick.

Yeah, a lot of things about this final drop just felt a bit rushed.
I mean we have Valera looking like Kait, Barrick’s nerfed armor/biceps, Marcus having the same issue as Barrick + a crooked do-rag. It’s all kinda unfortunate. Bittersweet, ya know?

But, I’m really hoping for the best for Gears 6. Now that they have a better understanding of most things (PvE classes, game modes, store stuff, rewards, etc.) as well as having a full team to model/animate/etc.
Plus, voice actors will probably be slightly more available (now that we’re no longer balls deep in the pandemic), so hopefully more unique voice lines, interactions & expressions?

Basically, I just really hope TC comes in and puts nuts to butts with content in Gears 6.


She looks nothing like Kait.

Barricks armor has never looked better. But his biceps :pensive:

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The absolute delusion of you guys. Considering the wear of TC employees everyone who worked on 5 will be gone by the time 6 rolls around and history will repeat itself.

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I dunno, to me they look very similar, in terms of facial structure. Almost like they used Kait’s face as a base & resculpted it, rather than making a new face from scratch.

hqdefault (5)-2

maxresdefault (20)-1


As for Barrick, his armor is pretty good, yeah. It’s just the shoulder & collar area that’s been kinda shrunken down, which is kinda key in making some of these guys feel as massive as they do.


Robin Atkin Downes actually did the voice with minimal post processing too. All the other locust/swarm are other actor’s voices pitchshifted down, and heavily distorted.

There’s that, and then there’s RAAM’s new voice.