What Song is the most 'Gears' to You?

Now I don’t mean a song used in the games, but a song from the world that goes great with Gears of War as a whole. And not Mad World.

I was just thinking about this earlier, and a whole bunch of songs come to mind for myself, so I was just curious as to see (or hear) what music you might have on while dealing with the Gnasher in PvP or killing time with Horde.

For myself, the top 5 would easily be; War Pigs (Black Sabbath), Crazy Train (Ozzy Osborne). Time of Dying (Three Days Grace). DEVIL (Shinedown). And Sound of Madness (Shinedown).

Maybe this just pertains to my peculiar taste in music but I believe they all fit well and often are what I have playing to set the mood when playing Gears or working on something Gears-related/inspired.

How about You?

Mad world :blush:


Mad World.

Mad world.



Going Mad


Love Violet!

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Oh yes, very true.

Also—another voice that attunes to gears very well with the sadness erupting from the seams of Gears 2/3.

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Mad World

To a lesser extent, Into Dust, but still very Gears to me also.


Devotchka - How it Ends, used in Gears 2 Last Day Trailer
Edit: “none gears music”, didn’t read that

If its rock, then
Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
Mountain - Mississippi Queen
Beastie Boys - Sabotage
Guns N’ Roses - Welcome to the Jungle


bodies - drowning pool :sunglasses:

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The Original Gears:

Disturbed - Hell

Three Days Grace - Diary of Jane

Three Days Grave - Time of Dying

Innerparty System - Don’t Stop

Finger Eleven - Slow Chemical

The Swarm - You Me At Six

Gears 2 main menu music would be my choice

Virtually any Soundgarden, but for 1 track…
Soundgarden: Black Rain. It is an amazing track, go on YT NOW :wink::ok_hand: and listen.

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Heroic Assault

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Also “ Finally a Tomorrow “ by Steve Jablonsky

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I would love SJ back for Gears6

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The Cole Train song.

Bet many have never heard it.


From the Gears 1/UE credits? Yes, I usually let them run.

It reminds me of an easter egg towards the end of Gears 4s campaign where kicking a car with the mech into a “field goal” would trigger a part of that to play. Of course I didn’t find it myself at first…

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the only correct answer, ¨Cant stop the train baby!¨

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