What skins would you like to see added in the future?

We all know that new characters come in drops and we always discuss which ones we would like, howevwe it is also interesting to discuss which skins they would like in the game, whether it is to bring an old one from the classic games, from gears 4 or even from the comics, where there are interesting aspects.

Right now i can think of 3 that come from the comics:

The first is the young hoffman that is seen on the cover of the unseen comic, however it looks pretty good, and the hoffman that appears in the comic is very similar to the classic, too, it would also be good to take advantage of the occasion that we have a young hoffman in the game to be able to add this skin.

The second is tai during the battle of aspho fields, which appears in the quickening, similar to tai from gears 2 but with some differences, as tai is generally thinner and more athletic, which is reflected in his appearance, his armor is green, has some brown belts, his knife close to his chest and a type of yellow “skirt”, his gaze also looks more intimidating and “thirsty for blood” which could be reflected in the game in some way

The third is tai again, this time during the ghato skirmish seen in the promise me comic, this one is simpler, having the same armor as marcus, only without the sleeves but keeping the elbow pads, it looks nice and can be polish with details like the writing on his chest with the name “Kaliso” and that sort of things

idk, maybe i could be the only one who wants them XD, i decided to put skins that nobody else askes for a change, howevwe there are many more that i would like in the game, like jungle tai and kilo squad cole, i also heard in reddit that they asked for skins like cog gary and gatka ridge gabe which also sounds good, i leave a image that better illustrates all this i said, sorry for so much text :'D

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You might want to use paragraphs :joy:.

For COG it would be cool to see Valera, Griffin and the golden gear return.

For Locust the spotter, Hunter elite and the savage locust.

Next Op is the last one they will adding new content so “skins added in the future” isn’t that far away its like 2 months away after that no more new characters no more new maps / operation type content. Except for the tour apparently that will be updating🤷‍♀️

More Hivebuster variants is what I want to see. Hivebuster Anthony would be great.

V-Day skins. For new characters Loomis and Sofia to complete the Judgement cast

Bedroom Jace :smirk: :eyes:

  • Sophia
  • Hivebuster Anya
  • Griffin
  • Loomis
  • Golden Miner

I’d like to see a classic swarm elite skin from gears 4, armored kantus, savage locust and the cleaver Theron from judgement.

Jungle Tai is my number 1, Never got to play as him for judgement so i’ve always wanted him to be added to future games. 2nd is definitely Griffin. V-Day delta squad. I also think it would be cool if we had more varients of the drones that were in Gears 2 like the fully masked drone, grappler etc. And for sure Michael Barrick.

May as well say it again.

Hivebuster Anya.

At this point I feel like TC is intentionally trolling me.


Hivebuster Jinn-bot
Zombie Jinn-bot
Bikini Jinn-bot
Reject hacked Jinn-bot
Out-Of-Office Jinn-bot

More V-day and hallowstorm skins

I want more skins for Sam. Hivebuster, Desert Armor and Winter Armor as examples. Hell, I’d buy Black Steel Sam again if I could. I’m hoping they bring her black steel skin back before the end of the year.

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I second all of this.

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Zeta Squad. Jungle Tai. Pad Salton. Young Bernie. Bernie old. Kilo Cole. The real Commando Dom. Savage Scuba Diver. Savage Marauder. Spotter. Grappler/Hammerhead Drone, Gears 2 Lambent Grenadier. GRIFFIN. Gears 2 and 3 Gold weapons. Gears 3 Delta. Jace. Ultimate Edition FRANKLIN. (He’s voiced by John DiMaggio TC, no excuse and y’all have to have the assets somewhere).


Put Dirk Nowitzki in the game

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Prefer Calvin Cambridge


Even Dirk asked for his autograph

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For COG I want NCOG Marine back and for the Swarm side I want Armored Kantus and Savage Theron (after they fix the necks of all the Therons first).

A hivebuster skin for all the characters that haven’t gotten one yet to round it all out for the COG side. Hivebuster DB would be totes cool imo.