What skins can i earn right now that arent on the challenges page?

I feel like there is stuff i can earn right now but isnt made to obvious right now.

Can i still earn diamond skins, if yes where can i easily find this info for when it runs out and future stuff?

This is the problem with coming back to the game a year later.

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I see… Welcome back dude ^^

Diamond skins ? Just achieve the Diamond rank in ANY playlist and you’ll get the following weapon skins : Gnasher, Markza Mk.1, Longshot, Boltok and Snub. And you also get the weapon skins for the lower ranks like Silver, Bronze or Onyx. They explain this in the May 17th What’s Up article

We’re currently in Season 4, they said in today’s stream that this season will end around Mid-September/October. FYI, it began last month so you’re back right on time.

There are the new Gears packs coming on Tuesday, with the new COG marine characters and the corresponding weapon skins. Will be available for 400 credits, so make sure you have lots of them. You can read all about it in June 28th What’s Up article.

What else ? First thing you wanna do is check the website. Every thursday, they write an article called “whats up?” and it contains everything you need to know Community articles

Also, you can earn skins by watching the E sport streams (on Wednesdays) or dev’s streams on Thursdays and filling the quests. They stream here : Gears of Wave live on Mixer.

Thats how I got many skins : phantom, syndrome, I am adopted (my favourite for the lancer), disctrict, etc… This week, we got the district Boltok and the Syndrome overkill. Last week, we got Phantom Markza and Syndrome Enforcer. Check E SportsGears twitter on a regular basis, they always announce their streams in advance.

There’s also the Communy stream THIS SATURDAY with giveaways. It goes live at 9AM PT / 12PM ET / 4PM GMT. You can read the corresponding thread in the forum or see here : Community Nights Twitter

Also, check in your inventory, you might be able to craft new skins and characters that you didnt have before, especially if you were absent for 1 year.

There’s also the money option, buying E Sports packs or Raam packs and so on, but I wouldnt recommend it for the sake of your wallet lol

I think that answers your question quite well.
Hit me up on Xbox live whenever if you feel like it. Bye ^-^


Perfect, a lot for sure but ill gladly come back to this to try keep up, thank you.

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