What skill cards do you use for Combat Medic personally?

Just wondering what skill cards people find most useful for Combat Medic, perhaps for general use, and maybe specilized builds.

After that it seems situational.

Currently, I’m running

Helpful Headshots
Custom Lancer
Overdoing it
Team Repair

Helpful headshot to me is mandatory, as a stim to you and allies just seems extremely powerful. 1 point of stim can negate hundreds worth of damage, pretty insane.

Intervention just sounds powerful in bad situations, especially if you have it at level 5-6. Can kill an enemy on your team across from you and revive them. Just sounds too powerful to pass up.

Overdoing it I’m yet to test it extentisvely to see how much you can tank with it, but it sounds similar to tacticians healing module, just you can’t tank big shots like Embar/longshot/boom likely. I think this card is more useful than Get Up (revive on stim to all downed allies and yourself), as you can get them stim in a pinch through headshots and the 11s of damage reduction + health regain seems to be more valuable.

Team Repair sounds really good, unless you have a robotics expert, in which you wouldn’t take it. Just seems good to take especially when you have no engineer, as you don’t have to worry about reparing anything besides taps. Can easily swap it out if you have a robotics expert or a del/team that is preventing your base from taking too much damage. Might be able to swap this for something else, but idk. I try to be more supporty as they are a support class.

Custom lancer just because having a chainsaw ready for sires is good and apparently it works on GL rockets as well, so it can be good for guardian shields. Again. not sure if this is mandatory but seems good.

So yeah - If anyone wants to share what they do and perhaps why they choose what they do over other cards, feel free to discuss. I’m just interested in optimal setups for the class.


Overdoing It
Custom Lancer
Perfect Condition
Helpful Headshots

Overdoing It has better long-term effects than Get Up. The forced health regeneration does indeed work like Tactician’s Healing Module. While it won’t save you from a stray sniper shot like Get Up would, it helps with sustain against smaller incoming fire.
For both Get Up and Overdoing It, I’d like to see a tweak where it works on normal revives as well, not just the ultimate.

I am biased towards the Lancer as a whole. I really like the gun and it’s the iconic Gears weapon, after all. The chainsaw is also convenient to have for Sires or Rejects. The card plus perks result in a +110% damage increase for all Lancer types, not to mention the Critical Damage perk. You won’t be melting Scions instantly, but your bullets will put a noticable dent in them.

Perfect Condition and Dodge stack together for a 64% damage resistance buff that’s active practically at all times. I rarely get closer than 5m to someone in Horde, and if I drop below 50% HP I would’ve been screwed even if I had Razor’s Edge on, to be honest. This combo often saved me from sniper fire that I didn’t react to on time, and makes the class very tanky in general.

Helpful Headshots is essential. Like you already said, even a single point of Stim can negate a single instance of infinite damage. Combat Medic is geared for assault rifles, so you can often outstim the damage you’re taking thanks to the rate of fire in your arsenal. And the recent buff made it so any weakpoint counts for Stim generation, so the card got even better. Also, Nomads with a ranged bleed build will thank you.

I don’t use Intervention because I have it at a low level. I guess it works if you play with a Trishot instead? Not sure. It feels like a card more suitable for Escape. No idea how to put out sufficient damage to make good use of it. And people outside your base tend to get executed immediately by flusher types anyway.
I used to use Healing Bounty, but a buff to the CM’s passive in OP4 made it kind of redundant. And people in pubs tend to ignore my marks anyway.

I enjoy playing Combat Medic. Very durable and can turn things around easily. Also gives me an excuse to use the Lancer. All of this was written from the perspective of someone who plays in random lobbies 100% of the time. I expect things to work out differently in premade squads.


Yeah sounds solid. Prob really strong if you and others get down and you have the damage resist cards + damage resist + healing card.

Also your resists cards also give you potential to “drain tank” and heal back up to full and get stim, so good combo.

And idk maybe the gold card for res near kill is situational. i dont think it even did anything in the game I was in, despite a level 5 card, lol.

For me:

Perfect Condition
Helpful Headshots
Custom Lancer

And in Escape I usuallt swap Custom Lancer for Custom Snub or something else depending on the Hive.

Here’s me thinking of trying this build in Horde while I level the class :
All three resistance skills
Custom Lancer
Helpful Headshots

Perhaps not as good as say, using some Team Revive related skills but my thoughts behind it were that with how ridiculous the enemies are at downing players again immediately when they just got revived, if I had to use Team Revive to bring someone back who went down somewhere outside of barriers or next to Juvies, well… it’s unlikely to save them anyway.

So it would seem most useful if the team all went down to other things during a boss wave because those who should have been focusing the smaller enemies weren’t, and the Matriarch was unintentionally attracted early due to someone accidentally hitting it, but even then it’s questionable any of the existing cards for the class would do anything to save the situation there either… so yeah, I figured I’d rather take a few Claw shots more over adding more to an ability that I find in its current state would be somewhat underwhelming at best even if those things are added to it.

But if there was any point to be made for Intervention, I’d also find it equally likely that your downed teammate(s) next or close to the enemies would be immediately executed by the overzealous Horde enemies or quickly caught in a struggle animation, so I’m not sure if it’d really be that useful either in the mode. Perhaps in Escape, it would have some uses, but I don’t really intend to use Combat Medic in that mode.

As a final note, the above listed build is something I yet have to go and test if it’s actually worth anything over having skills for revives and/or Team Revive.

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Helpful Headshots
Razor Edge
Suppressive Recharge
Custom Lancer

A lot of defensive, plus getting my ultimate up fast enough. I can get it back each wave, even twice depending on the circumstances. This is all in Horde on Master.

Custom Lancer and Helpful Headshot. :slightly_smiling_face:
I forgot what other cards I use. :sweat_smile:


I use Custom Lancer, Helpful Headshots, Team Repair, Intervention and Get Up.

I reached level 20 with that build although it would seem that Overdoing It > Get Up. Especially now that HH provides more stim and all crits count.
Custom Lancer will let you feel like you’re actually helping with killing threats.
I keep TR on to lighten the engineer’s load since many people don’t like to run dual engi. Once you’re all perked up you can use it pretty thoughtlessly whenever someone goes down to heal the entire base.
Intervention is situational at best I find. If it revived all teammates that are down within the effective area it would be a little better.
I’d likely switch out Get Up for Overdoing It and Intervention for either Dodge or Perfect Condition.

I haven’t tested this out yet. Can the combat medic still withstand against hunters/deadeye after wave 30+? And that’s after you fully upgrade his health perks.

With taps, you can withstand a Longshot bullet after the damage doubles from my experience.

On master difficulty I prefer to run as tank as much possible, advanced or lower difficulty I wouldn’t really careless about being tank.

However, it’s kind of stupid that you need razored edge and perfect condition to stack together in order to get more damage resistance because that is waste of space and then you add dodge with it to. That’s three cards to add to get damage resistance. Which leaves two slots available.

Technically those two cards (Perfect Condition and Razored Edge) don’t stack per se. One applies to when you have more than half health, and the other applies when you have less than half health. It just means you’ll have extra damage resistance regardless of your health level. Dodge on the other hand does stack (distance pending). I personally only use Perfect Condition as that applies straight away when you have max health.

My point is that it should be all in “one card” rather than stacking two together. It’s waste of space.

Basically, regardless what the health is it should be 32% damage resistance from 100% health till you go down. Rather than 50% (razored edge) less or higher (perfect condition) .


Intervention tips.

Having a boom shot and predicting if a team mate will go down has saved many teamates.

Also killing or dropping a meat shield will also activate the card as well.

The range and revive capabilities need to be buffed but its fun when it does happen in the rare situation.

The card is also pretty good if you use trishots with crit perk upgraded ( very fun with daily mods that increase headshot damage)

Lancer damage stacks with gl bombs i think so ive gotton some lucky revives by bombing everything around a downed teammate


Started working on mine from 18 on master. By far the worst class, so boring to play. I might just try and go with the grenades and repeatedly throw them down the stairs on blood drive. If not this might be the only one I go back to speed running surge. If he had the grenade blast radius increase that would be something.

I kinda like having him on the team in Escape. After all, when you already have two killers on the team then what more do you need than a healthy supply of stim and revives from a third who won’t go down much, and a second chance if ■■■■ happens to hit the fan? If there aren’t already killers on the team then I’d agree though. He wouldn’t be best choice then.