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What Separates a Diamond Player from an Onyx 3 Player? - INTANGIBLES

(Krylon Blue) #21

Quitting to preserve rank?

Quitting has a much larger impact on your rank than staying and taking a loss. I’ve even seen a higher percentage loss from leaving a game through the menu when I had a teammate quit earlier on than I would have by staying and taking a loss

(Redfox888) #22

Your jist unlucky i guess because the few times that I have quit out of a match I never lost a percentage and i checked it just to see.

Yesterday I was at gold 1 61.78% and quit right at the beginning because I had to leave and checked later that afternoon and was gold 1 61.78%. So it might derank some for quitting but not all and if overall rank is tied to k/d + wins then quiting might take a small hit to rank but makes it easier to preserve what could have been lost by going negitive and losing. Requiring less effort to rank up next game thus preserving their rank .

(Krylon Blue) #23

I recall that @TC_Octus has said in the past that leaving a match, for any reason, has a larger negative impact on your rank percentage than if you had stayed. I believe this to be true because @Metal_Gear_Mo will take a large loss to his rank when his game crashes in a loss but barely anything if anything at all had he of stayed.

I guess add another quirk to the ranking system, lol.

(Redfox888) #24

For me and i am assuming anyone else that has a bouncing connection I lose may 1 or 2 % from leaving but a loss will take off anywhere from 5 to 15%. This problem started a few months ago where my isp would just randomly reset a repeater some where in my line and drop the connection. I have been triing with no progress for months now to get it fixed. But they are more concerned about sign up new customers rather than keeping the system running smoothly.

(Drinkands im) #25

That is probably why you are still onyx. All quitting stays on your permanent record. You are automatically considered poor performer if you quit.

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Diamond players dont typically quit. They lead their team to Victory. They win more matches, and they have superior K/D’s.

(III EnVii III) #28

This alone costs you so many games.

People just seem to only use the Gnasher and would rather go in 1v3 and just die than hang back, wait for team mates and then push.

(Redfox888) #29

I dont quit unless i absoluty have to leave my house dude. And i am not onyx because i dont quit i am currantly gold 1 steadily on the rise with the occasional streak of losses that is usually due to someone else quiting or guys that dont know how to play. Such as the classic lets go break the hill with 10 seconds left instead on triing to go capture the next hill. Thats my favorite being stuck at the new hill triing to take out 4 or 5 enemies because my whole team ran to their death at prevoius hill with no chance at all to capture it. Thats what im saying most of the quitters that i see are the guys running around with esports gear and sometimes they will leave after 1 death. I do get disconnected a little more frequantly than i did prior to season 5 but can almost always rejion the match.

(Drinkands im) #30

If you are on a wireless connection I recommend switching to wired. It helps give you a more stable ping.

(Redfox888) #31

The only wired connection i can get is dsl and that was worse than this. It worked great until their repeater went out and started this stuff. The cable company wont put a cable 50 feet up the road, they tried to tell me that the last box was over 5000 feet away and would cost to much to put the line in for 1 customer. So i was flat out refused service from the only place that could give me a more stable connection. Sorry the pacific northwest is pretty backwards in thinking as far as policies go. More money the fastest seems to be the way things go around here. I was promised fiber optic lines by centurylink when I signed up and wait over 7 years and still no fiber. So I switched to this wireless place and had a great stable connection until my 1 year contract was up and the it started bouncing from 50ms all the way to 200ms sometimes. It seemed to start after they took region selection away and i was no longer just on the west coast so i blamed TC and took a break for a few months. Turns out it was this isp issue so now i have to try and get that all straightend out just to play gears of war. All the other online games seem to work better. If my connection spikes then i start jumping all over the map in gears but in all the others i get stuck in place as it should be.

(Drinkands im) #32

Lol yeah this game is the absolute worst when it comes to stable connection. Its very hard to compete just based on ping alone. Luckily i upgraded to a 300mbps connection and i am wired to the router. So the worst ping i get is typically 60-65. Im typically at 30-35 and when im connected to the East Coast server im between 5-10. It helps a lot except when there is someone on my team with a really bad unstable ping. Or i have seen people on the opposing team with crazy pings that skip all over the screen, what appears to walk through fire and lancer doesnt damage them. I am guessing its just not showing on my screen properly. But usually i do okay regardless. I just do better when its stable with a low ping.