What Separates a Diamond Player from an Onyx 3 Player? - INTANGIBLES

Before someone says “running in 5 man squads” or “Bad Connection” haha. (Which does play a part no question.)

I just would like to share what I’ve noticed since playing Gears 4. Here’s my theory, I believe most Diamond players are able to tap into a sort of “Zone” faster than others.

Have you ever played with a Diamond player and they’ve amassed like 7 kills in less than a minute?

Now of course, not every Diamond is the same, but this is an innate ability I’ve noticed. I believe this is why Diamonds tend to stack unknowingly. It is because they all obtain a faster feel for the game. So if one Diamond is doing bad, you can pretty much bet at least one of your Diamond peers is in the Zone and will keep your team in the game.

Most people in Onyx 3 is missing this intangible. I’ll be posting another topic as well, explaining how I seemingly took my old Onyx 1 account, and within a few weeks ago, and grinded to Diamond 1 in TDM, solo most of the time. There’s definitely huge hurdles to get over as a lower rank despite TDM being one of the more easier modes to get Diamond in and I’ll be mentioning those as well.

Once you become Diamond playing solo or even Duos, 3 manning it etc, becomes so extremely risky. And it’s not that we can’t play separately, it’s just that the randoms given always tend to play extremely horrible.

What do you guys think? Or Other Diamonds. have you noticed this as well when playing with your squad?

Extra info:
What your rank Placement means - All Modes


I don’t think being Diamond has any correlation with skill. I’ve played plenty of bad Diamond players, especially in Core. By the same token, there are pro players who are only Onyx 3 in EU.

With KOTH being 4x XP I’ve decided to play that for a bit. These Core Diamonds just rely on their overpowered tuning to save them. When they’re forced to play up close, they all do the exact same thing. Up A or Up A reaction shot. That’s it. They hardly ever think about what they’re doing, they just do it even though it’s so easy to punish.

I don’t think being Diamond is a reflection of skill. If I was to be put with the worst teammates imaginable, no matter how good I played I’d more than likely lose to a decent team.

I played against a Diamond 4 twice in a row on Execution and in those two games he couldn’t get a kill while his Onyx teammates could. I’d say his teammates were better than him even though he was a Diamond.


The specific rank seems kinda quirky and situational. I have friends with various levels of diamond on one account and the can’t get out of onyx on another. But, I think the underlying difference between good players and the highest level ones is mental discipline.

I’m not the greatest gamer but I’m an observant person and the main difference I notice between diamond and onyx level players is patience, knowing when to reset, and when to let it go. Guys who are perpetually Onyx 3 and frustrated about it seem to force fights more. When something isn’t working, they might keep pursuing it anyway.
The highest level players in this game have greater discipline. When I brick a true diamond level player, he doesn’t panic push me. He usually takes cover and may try to catch me as I try to put on that last 20%. If I set a trap and kill a player, the diamond is definitely not going to come at me the same way the 2nd time. High level onyx may have the thumbs to do some incredible things, but the best diamond players have another level of mental game.


I know several Diamonds personally who are just horrible. They got carried there. I agree there are some things that separate good from bad players, like being able to kill anyone, not giving up if the game is tough, etc. But the line isn’t necessary Onyx 3/Diamond 1. Depends on the person.

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Agreed, It’s the ability to Adapt, another element into players entering the Zone. I got Diamond on my Alternative account quite easily, but I ended up surpassing my friends that have been stuck in Onyx 3 for months now. They play everyday.

But when I played with them, I noticed they never changed there style/adjusted when facing equally skilled Teams. They have Onyx 3 skill with a Bronze Mindset, it’s not a combination for success. Those who are Diamond, WILL eventually be Diamond no matter what. Even if they don’t rank up for 20+ games, be consistent for 20 more and I guarantee they’ll be diamond.

But yea, def agree with you.


I would say a couple of things not mentioned already,

  1. The ability to get kills consistently even in gametypes like KOTH. Someone I play with always finishes high in terms of points from the ring but they are very up and down in terms of kills, they’ve never got higher than Onyx 3.
  2. The ability to carry.
  3. Better teamwork.

Someone sent me a message a couple of weeks ago saying that I move like a bot. It’s not about how you move, it’s about being effective!


An emblem separates them, that’s all


I have to gotten msg like that,i think maybe because u r good at strafing, with the gnasher? Maybe? :slight_smile:

Just had a solo KOTH where half the guys in the lobby were dressed diamond gun skins. Concerned, I remembered this thread and committed myself to out-thinking my opponents. I’m really proud of how it went. I managed to MVP a 2-0 match despite being the lowest ranked person.

I think you are onto something with the “zone” theory. However, I’ve never placed Diamond in any game mode but on an individual skill basis I’m as good or better than probably half the diamonds I play against.

I’m in no way fashion or form claiming to be any good. I claim to be average or slightly above average at best but have never been able to get over that hump even when players I’m better than can. Some of my friends seem to have the same issue.

I’ve been wondering what the difference is between them and us. Perhaps its this “zone” you’re referring to.


I don’t think Onyx 3 players are “missing” the intagebales of this game, it’s more like they’re straight up ignoring them! Marking targets, crossing the enemy, using weapons other than the Gnasher, calling out, sharing power weapons, and even encouraging teammates to kill your downed enemies…

In my opinion these qualities are the hallmark of a Diamond player, and what separates the best from the rest.


Playing at the start of the season and abusing stacked team play gets you diamond. If you find someone who got to diamond solo then they are a good player all of the rest are just delusional.

They bring up “its a team game so us running a five stack is fine” if they where being paired with other five stacks i would agree but having one team of randoms playing for the goal and contributing a bit of a team effort against a five stack sweating for both is hardly a skill based pairing in matchmaking. Its partly a poor decision on TC’s part to implement a wider checklist when determining matches or them just living by their so called skill matchmaking and removing party play. And also the moral responsibility of players that claim to be competitive but are fine to give themselves and edge over the other team and convince themselves their is nothing wrong with it.

I just hope 5 brings actual quick match back so this gimmicky skill based matchmaking can die the death it deserves.

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Removing party play is a terrible idea for gaming in general. Plenty of people party up just to be able to play with friends. This often means including girlfriends, siblings, etc. For 3 months I played with my best friends sister who would only chainsaw. My wife can’t remember which one is the gnasher and which is lancer. You guys that have such resentment for teams need to consider that plenty of “teams” are casual gamers trying to have fun and they don’t need to be punished by having long queues or going against competitive sweaties. They should be able to get normal matches too.

The problem is the fact that the system doesn’t reward individual performance as it should. The fact that the MVP can go down in rank says everything about this current system. You don’t fix that by killing party play in a team based game. There are smarter ways to do about it, like ranking individual performance.

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Or bringing quick match back and having it find matches based on connection and having nothing to do with any weird collection of skill comparisons.

I can’t get over the Onyx 3 hump for nothing, but then again. I feel my skill decreasing. I lose so many 1 on 1’s that I was suppose to win that could have caused us to win. Just want the diamond gnasher. This was my season to do it.

hi there
the thing is the ranking System in this game is horrible broken but you re definetly right… I Always got to the Point being Onyx 3 easily from there things got very tricky… i was playing so many Matches against equally skilled Players like Onyx 2-3 on EU Servers most of the time i did very well outscoring them by thousands of points and got to the Point shortly before reaching Diamond ( considered not loosing a single game i got to 90 % because if i did loose a match my % went down About 7-15 %) and it took a week to get to that Point while i was Onyx 3 already! i was always playing by myself literally i have returned in 2019 to try it one last time- i never got to Diamond although i have Always been playing the best Players there are on GOW4 in EU. Once you get to that 90 % mark in Onyx 3 you re playing Lobbys full of Diamond Players i know most of the european Diamond masters because i played them so many times! Most of them run in teams and the game get cancerous outright- you can literally feel the Sweat dripping of their fingers as you re playing them! Blooddrive is a very good example : there is literally nothing but Cancer on this map 5 man stack Teams Always got an Advantage on this map because positioning is key 2 lancers on top 2 on staircases with gnasher and depending on the Situation Cycling, i am sure most of the People in this thread are familiar with what i am trying to say. I dont know how People are doing it but there is a way if u re already selecting maps to make the lobby crash and i got droped back into matchmaking i will find the same team i was about to face a couple more times until blooddrive or Fundation comes up and then i Play them ! The strategies diamond master teams come up with for these Maps are Always the same and i always lost these matches because their teamshots and individual skill mindset communication and the list goes on is just so much better than for People playing by themselfs. At this Point i was only playing Matches like this all the time- falling down to About 40-50 % in about 2 or 3 games i like to call These games Promotion games because i was facing opponants who were working better as a team but there individual skill was very high too- far better then me win Ratio wise! dont get me wrong sometimes I did very well on games like that but most of the time i just got my ■■■ kicked ! The Thing was i simply gave up this Point i have been playing for weeks to get to the Point almost reaching Diamond just to see my hard work get sliced in half in 2 games! There was another weird bug that made me quit the game for almst two years: quitters! Most of the time they were on my side but even when they were on the other team it was even more ■■■■■■ up! Multiple times i lost 7-15 % after Winning a game against quitters being MVP! It simply wasnt fun anymore praying anyone woudnt quit or i dont find the same 10-15 Diamond master Teams i faced so many times before. Now i 2019 the game is no different and i dont really know why i am trying to go for it again. in case u wonder i got a 60 % win Ratio on ranked with a 1,3 KD which i am very proud of simply due to the face i have Always been playing KOTH by myself in ranked! in Season 0 i played every gamemode but now i think KOTH is the place to be because the game is dead in EU now i tried to search for escalation because i need a single Ribbon in escalation for my seriously 4.0 achievments- after half an hour i gave up! just in comparison my Overall social kd is 3,5 with over 35 000 kills that was my go to Playlist for Clips and fun games for a Long time due to the fact that i wasnt able to face 5 man Teams by myself!

I’ve come across many ordinary players who are ranked diamond and some scary onyx, i think in lots of cases the rank means very little

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This is how I play the gnasher is not the only weapon. But according to tc im only gold or onyx material because my w/l record is close to 50%.

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That’s because you are gold/onyx material

Ha ha ha
I dont care about diamond anyway i just think the system needs changed so that we can avoid the abuse of the ranking system that we see now.

Such as losing on purpose to derank and quitting to preserve rank.