What’s your private rules when playing with randoms

I need to see this

I never thought it was possible. As Rumbly I need to test that

Not only Juvies the Poppers can revive too Popper revive - YouTube


Between this and highjacked Matriarch, Carrier, Sentinel and Guardian… Now I’ve seen it all.

Whaaaaaaat ?

Its people cheating doing those things.


Yeah, don’t get excited, those kinds of hijacks are simply from hacking, not something you’re permitted to do somehow. :slight_smile: Here’s one of the earlier threads with a clip where it came up (in my own lobby!):

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Was wondering something like that.
Your post reminds me the message in the link but I thought it was only a glitch only for sentinel or guardian and my surprise came with the other bosses.

It was originally intended to be in the game.

TC just forgot to enable it. :wink:

If you change one word from no to yes jack can hijack any enemy.

The only problem is if you hijack bosses in a public lobby people for whatever reason tend to report you and you don’t just get a game ban, you get an xbox ban. Lol.

The good news is the hijack nonsense has led to the discovery that almost everything pve in the game is client side, from enemy spawns, damage values, to behavior.

Opening up insane possibilities (for private lobbies of course :wink: )

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I guess it is only possible with a computer and not on an XB, isn’t it ?

Only host needs to be pc.

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TC once said horde couldn’t be played offline because the “money” was server side. At least I remember that from Gears 4.

Just curious….is the “power” server side or client side?