What’s your private rules when playing with randoms

Randoms are total strangers. For me I can say “don’t offend host”, “don’t be the 1st” and “rely on your own more”. They may really suck sometimes, but you’d better follow

Specifically, I won’t be the first to drag fabricator at the beginning; will stop when there’s only last several enemies each wave and leave them to host or eng; won’t move buildings when host is eng; won’t use host’s weapon/locker when he is firepower; will use more independent classes like Anchor/Tac/Melee ones…


Know your role.


No deposit demands. I don’t want people moaning or demanding that other players deposit power. I expect players to use their initiative in a practical sense. If they feel they need to perk up I’m cool with that. If players want a locker then by all means deposit (or if theres no engineer then build one yourself). This is something that I’m flexible with.

Don’t take other player’s weapons from lockers.

No Veteran-Marksman noob combo.

No sentry spamming.

AFK players will be kicked. I’ll give you some time as I know people may need to do things like use the bathroom etc, but if its more than 4-5 waves or so, then I’m kicking. It’s not fair on others who are actively playing and contributing.

Those are the main ones. Any others are dependent on things like classes in the game etc but I’ll communicate those as required. For example if theres a CQC class I’ll ask people not to use shock grenades.


What about shock sentrys?

Because I know they are very good to slow down enemies and saves me lot of times lol

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I prefer Shock Sentries over MG Sentries overall as they are supportive and just more useful.

I think the main thing for me is that spamming sentries of any kind tend to lead to parts of the base becoming cluttered and movement can be difficult because you have sentries blocking you.

As long as the Shocks don’t get in the way then I’ll be more tolerant of Shock Sentries than MG ones.

I think for me MG Sentries are over-rated and a crutch for crap players to rely on (and even then I don’t feel that you can rely on them that much).


You must known your enemy! The Randoms are your true enemy! Be a Random! Act like a Random!


Usually “Be Competent.”

But I tend to avoid playing with them entirely if possible.

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i dont play with blue berries ,less bullcrap that way

If im not the mechanic, i dont move the fabricator. I deposit always all energy. Past wave 4, if there is no locker, then im buying one.
Always try to revive my team mates. In the starting lobby im looking on the classes. Usually i play as mechanic. But if there is already one, im switching to pilot.
I try to communicate, mic on, but my native language is italian, so its a little bit difficult because i misunderstand some people. :smile:

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Just some general ones here.

  • Don’t move fabricator, buy/upgrade fortifications if not engineer
  • Perk if you want to, deposit for lockers (I think that’s general consensus though). I build lockers for everybody though regardless.
  • Don’t take weapons off of players’ lockers
  • No duplicate classes, especially engineers
  • Don’t throw or plant shocks when CQC classes are in the game
  • Contribute to picking up power and capping power taps
  • Try to find weapons you need off the field first before spending money in the fab for them, unless it’s your perk money then go ahead
  • Please read the actual mutators lol
  • Actually contribute to the game and don’t go AFK for 17 waves
  • Know your classes’ role. Don’t be a Demo who only uses a Mulcher, for example.

All of the above.

Plus - know the classes. Don’t demand deposits when some classes have to perk up right after wave 1 ( talking about frenzy).
If I see engie build MG sentries first thing at the beginning of wave 1, I WILL NOT deposit any money even if I play support class that doesn’t have to perk right away.

If I see a greedy player hogging weapons lockers by throwing away other people’s weapons, I will mess with them and throw away any weapon they put in the locker
right as the wave starts to make sure the weapons disappear.

Demo players need to learn how to play the game without Boom and GL spamming. If I’m engie and Demo didn’t deposit and demands a locker. Well, good luck, I’m not building you one.

CM, if you use the Ult just to get yourself up… I’m booting for that. No if or buts.

Though this may sound harsh, I have to say I don’t do this often.

Once again - learn strengths and weaknesses of different classes. And for the love of Gears, stop playing horde like you used to in gears 4.


I will literally let any random play with us regardless of what level, skill level or what class they are playing but if they throw a shock grenade directly on top of me while im fighting something i kick them. My group usually has 3 people minimum which is about what you need anyways to complete a horde match effieciently. Having 2 randoms that are low level/not good hasnt ever really been a problem and the randoms get to actually play the game instead of getting kicked.

Most people, they have a right to since its their lobby, have way too many rules for people. Deposit until “x” wave, no melee classes, no promos, stay in base, need Demo/Tact/Pilot, reup 50+ only as if that equates to skill level. Listing a bunch of requirements makes an unwelcome environment imo. I only have 1 requirement : please dont throw shock grenades at me.

Edit : saw Snakey say something about the Scorcher glitch. Cheating will get you kicked. Ill ask once for you to not, though.


This should be the only loading screen tips that are shown.


I usually take them and quit.

I never host horde lobbys, dont have the patience.

My escape lobby title is “good players, no idiots” most people dont read though and are to eager to join the 1st map they want.

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They wouldn’t be private if I disclosed them here, but…


I usually only ask people don’t play Marksman in my lobbies because I dislike the potential of the class to turn the entire match into an absolute snoozefest withX-Ray while the player in question is completely safe from retaliation unless they piss off a flyer.

I don’t technically impose level limits but playing with only one other person I know most of the time, I don’t have the luxury of letting a low level nooblet/newbie in the match.

(Though if you play Infiltrator and spend 5+ waves doing under 30k damage in a wave on a daily with triple health enemies while carrying a Boomshot around… I might just kick you because you’re a dead weight. Not making it personal like those people that have to message you how bad you are.)

Uh oh, no exceptions? Depending on how quickly the “last 5!” phase of a wave lasts and how rapidly I’m currently using or getting Ult back, I’m likely looking to down myself in order to Team Repair, particularly to help out an over-upgrading engineer. I bring the card 100% of the time (OK, not with the Ultra Slow Recharge-Ultra Power Drain mod set, but I’m probably not bring Combat Medic to that anyway).

As to my own rules, I follow all the usual, hopefully obvious etiquette others posted above when joining, and tend to pick safe, self-sufficient classes like Anchor. Warning: I will perk Ammo Regeneration once by ~Wave 5 of a 50, quietly if necessary regardless of your deposit rules, because after that I have zero need to ever consume ammo boxes either. I can instead spend cleanup time collecting power or getting taps or finding a weapon matching someone else’s so I can donate ammo to them, which I’m sure more than makes up for the early 1000 I spent “illegally”.

When hosting, I don’t impose any lobby requirements myself. However, if you do things like buy something as non-engineer, congratulations on wasting your and probably our energy, and don’t expect it to be repaired (or upgraded). If you don’t understand roles and the power economy yet are playing Master, then I can think of no better way to learn than by watching the Mechanic build three times as much, twice as fast, and that last infinitely longer than your unperked/uncarded uselessness. The exception might be a locker, but if you “had” to buy a locker, then I/the engineer probably was already failing to anticipate (or people weren’t getting/protecting the taps reasonably or something, so we’re all hurting & “behind the 8-ball”).

If people are down and they do nothing but when they are down, they do…
I know about Team Repair and can usually see what they are trying to do.
But I’m talking about people who don’t care about anyone but themselves.

I do this sometimes - deliberately to, only to being back the broken fortifications.

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If you do illegal bastardly, then you will receive criminal penalty.