What’s your go to character/skin combination?

Like the title says, what’s your go to combination? Are you going for style? Flair? Maybe you just want to look a little feral, or maybe you’re a mismatched socks kinda person?

My go to skins are spectre imago with the sexy new studio set, I call him Mr. Domino. And the overdrive set with any colour blast character, it really brings some colour to this bleak game!

Hopefully gears of fashion 5 has this many great skin combinations!


COG for me: Aaron Griffin with the liquid chrome gnasher and lancer. Golden snub.

Swarm for me: Beast Rider also with liquid chrome gnasher and lancer, and the golden snub.

I try to make my weapon skins match as best as possible.
Dont care what character, i switch around all the time.

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Aaron Griffin - Midnight Omen Skins for Horde
Aaron Griffin - Mixed set for VS
Swarm I have no clue who I am running

We have defo done this several times, but it is fun :wink:

Cog: V day Sam (obviously) with London Supporter or Lightning skins

Locust (never swarm, rarely DB’s) Myrrah, B.S. Drone, Sraak or Skorge. Midnight omen, Scan, flame, basically skins that move!

On the rare occasions I play Horde, any and all COG, at the moment, GG.

I’m starting to see the trend here. Griffin is the best cog character and nobody likes the swarm boys. Can’t say I’m surprised, they have a face not even a mother could love.

Aaron Griffin - Drama set (Except for Hammerburst and Emabar, since i didn’t get the skins)

BS Myrrah - Queen Myrrah set

Run the full bronze ranked weapon skin set on any vintage char

Black steel cog use the syndrome set / iamadopted lancer swaps sometimes
Black steel locust just use midnight omen / original phantom set

For palace guard I’ll use the golden gear skin set

Base Kantus + Skorge I use the Bodied gnasher with the zombie carmine skin set

Griffin uses Lindsay Elise lancer + Iamadopted gnasher

On horde mode however I run any char but I have sets fixed to classes for example

Explosives : green phantom set
Assault rifles : Syndrome set
Sniper / Marksa / Emb / Bolt : Scan / Pulse
Gnasher / Overkill : Original phantom set
Then for the snub I just leave it diamond

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Damn, a proper fashionista! I never considered the vintage/bronze combination, I might just have to steal your style.

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Black steel grenadier and uir with phantom skins

Black Steel Tai - Vegas Loadout

Black Steel Grenadier Elite - Vegas S2 Loadout


My man Aaron Griffin loaded out in Midnight Omen skins.

If everyone’s answer isnt simply Dom to everything then you are Gears of Waring wrong.

You spelt Sam wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:

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Cog: Black Steel Classic Baird with the Sonar Skins. The entire black/blue theme meshes well, especially with Baird’s goggles too.

Locust: RAAM with the Sonar set. The black and red highlights on RAAM go with the red of the locust sonar

COG right now is Ben Carmine with the Syndrome Lancer, Green Trippy Gnasher, and Studio Snub.
Swarm is Swarm Imago with Swarm Lancer, Purple Trippy Gnasher, and Studio Snub.

A lot of the weapon skins I have are trash and I’m not one to spend money on packs.

Merchant navy dizzy with console set (syndrome currently)

BS locust grenadier elite with emissive (uzil sraak currently with syndrome)

For COG its Sam. Her dialogue just seems to pop up at the right moments.

For the Swarm its mostly any Locust character.

Weapons skins. I started using black marble skins and never looked back although I am missing the boomshot and embar skins for that collection and can’t figure out what pack or even how I got them.

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My slight ocd means I have to have all starting weapons matching!


currently repping the primodial skin for lancer with clayton carmine. just finishing in onyx last season for TDM, has set up with a nice skin to go with my gnasher too :slight_smile: