What’s up with the shotgun delay?

Out of the plethora of problems this game has nothing infuriates me more than when I shoot my gun after coming off cover or out of a roadie run and absolutely nothing comes out of my gnasher. It just baffles me that TC would do this to even out the playing field. I don’t know how much more I can take. This game is just an absolute mess right now. It’s been known that all gears games have trouble at launch but out of the previous six games before this has to be the absolute worst.


I think it was worse in Gears 4. one of the things i actually like about this game is the quick weapon switching and the reduced gnasher delay

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I can’t agree with you on that aspect. The shotgun felt soooo much smoother in 4 I could actually fire a shot out of a roadie run. Something just feels off about the gnasher in this game.


You aren’t meant to be head-downing into people with your gnasher. That’s what’s up with the delay.

Haha it’s been like that in EVERY other gears game. just another way to lessen the skill gap…


Not everybody would agree that the ability to recklessly charge into another player constitutes a “skill gap.” As an alternative, have you maybe tried gaining advantageous positioning, securing power weapons, crossing with your team, or any of the other options available besides mindlessly rushing into the opposing players expecting not to get killed?

Now you assume I recklessly run into a crowd of enemies. I know how to play the game and use my shotgun when the situation calls but when my shotgun doesn’t fire in situations that I need it to that’s not really COOL man.

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Shotgun got worse in every new version lmao


Think it feels fine.

Shotgun delay is horrible,

I agree.


Every time I try to shoot my Gnasher in Gears 5, I can’t help but think of the scene from Home Alone 2, where they try to shoot the gun but it’s all covered in oil and grease, and hes just fumbling with it.

Been getting me killed a lot. Thought It was my controller, but reading these posts, it clearly isn’t. Can’t even gib someone after bouncing off cover without standing there looking like a ■■■■■■■ getting killed. Sitting behind cover lancering gets you kills, but isn’t fun, and isn’t why I play gears. Just came off a game where this happened every time I tried to kill someone. It’s promoting a campy gameplay that isn’t for me. Just deleted and going back to Gears 4. Hope to see an update that fixes this issue, and if not, this is my last gears, as the writing is already on the wall and that they’re catering for the casuals who refuse to ‘git gud’.


what they need to do is remove the omen damage, its so annoying cant even see the enemy


Are you all talking about shooting coming off an animation?

In Gears 4 the delay was so bad you could walk at people and chunk them after they fired too early - bait their shot and push them

You can’t do that here and it isn’t just about the damage, it is about the reduced delay.

In Gears 4 i could fake push people, bait them, toy with them and kill them whenever i pleased due to the delay. You can’t do that anymore. Also, there was a very noticeable difference in hip fire speed vs LT speed in 4, you could get out shot - lose your timing advantage because of an incorrect LT…“how did he shoot twice before i…” yeah, remember that?

As far as shooting after a roadie run, I feel it is the same if not faster here. In Gears 4, i was unflankable due to hearing their steps and catching them in that animation.

Y’all ever hear someone following you, fake a jump over a cover/cancel the animation, and turn to pop their head with the gnasher?

Gears 4 gnasher had a similar logic to the sawed off from gow 3, due to range/delay.

In Gears 5 i can get multi kills so easily. In Gears 4, i would find myself angrily hitting the RT after I died, frustrated at the delay.

Feel the same

everything is off about the gnasher in this game. like why make me have to reload twice to get a full clip. either that or just wait for the full reload time of get an active? like wtf? active isn’t even always available to what you’re saying is if im in a tight situation and my shotty doesn’t have active, i have to choose between getting less ammo or waiting the whole reload time? they already dropped the clip to 6 shots, cmon. man idk i just feel like this along with the way the shotgun simply doesn’t work properly in this game is just their way for them to make it more rifle based and noob friendly like they always wanted…