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What’s up with the ranking system?

28 kills, 10 deaths. Mvp. We win a 4 round tdm. And I loose 997 points. I loved this match! We lost the first round, One of our guys clutched the second one on a 3v1. Stalemate on the third. We won the forth with 6 lives left. It was fun. Intense. To me this was my best match. I was flying solo, All players were good. I earned my kills, and my medals. And my prize for that was to loose 997 points. This is probably the forth time it happens. But this! This was messed up. 997 points!!! I have never made more than 300 on a tdm match. What!? How!?

Why did they mess this up? Not how. Why? I don’t get it.

To monetize it? You earned merch through other means

To make you play longer? It’s habing the opposite effect

Or did they simply f’ed it up? No way, it had to be on purpose.

And then It clicked. With all that’s happening around the franchise, The suits are making them cash the franchise in, aren’t they? They’re gonna kill it, but they are milking all they can before it goes away. $5 for 1 character skin, and $5 for a weapon skin. No thank you!

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