What’s up today?

its the plain truth… I mean the game its not getting fixed or improved in any way… it would be at least more honest to write a “WHATS UP” stating: " well be adding more stuff so you can buy ". TC OUT .

I think that would have more humane to the community , than that what’s up of today being honest.

I get your point.

I guess like when someone gets captured and Tortured, the bad guy is like you will be ok, no worries its all ok.

I would definitely be better for them to be just like, “Yo, I’m gona chainsaw your face now”

So yea, I would agree. lol :crazy_face:

you got it my friend… @Hu1k_Daddy

I don’t see the point for the devs to ask advice and opinions if at the end they were just wasting our time , since they didn’t change anything at all .

I rather like the dev’s to tell me… " that is the game how we like it and that’s it " … what I really think its moronic its to give false hopes to people that Gears 5 would change for the better when it isn’t.

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This is… kinda beside the point, but okay? Haha.

The What’s Up has a long list of notes about stuff getting fixed and improved, and we know Operation 2 is going to include a bunch of new things beyond “stuff you can buy”, so I’m a little confused by your reaction, to say the least.

I mean, I get that you’re bummed the weekly dev update didn’t go in depth on the new Tour and totems and stuff like they originally said they would, but you’re talking about them being “inhumane” to the community and stuff because of it, and I’m just, again, a little confused with the utterly defeated tone. Haha.

We’ll get to find out in less than 24 hours exactly what everything looks like in Operation 2, and whether it’s worth our time. I’m interested to play some Baird in Horde.

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The problem is not everyone agrees on what to change, and sometimes the changes we’re asking for aren’t feasible in a short amount of time.

I’m gonna patiently keep waiting for more changes. Development takes time.


Let Dan spit that Hot Fire. I can feel the passion.

But on the for realz. Ill be rocking Lizzie as soon as she is available.

I really do have a passion towards this game… I grant you that… I don’t know Im sorry for my reaction.

= ) My apologies.

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Hear is an Idea,

Why not make a VS game mode slider. That changes the power of weapons, ammo, draw distance and so on for who ever hosts. Then people can find just what they are looking for, and then others can join them, and so on and so on.

This way, everyone can play how they want.


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Me too man… Perhaps maybe someday it could change for the better. I thought changes would be quick. but who knows… it could take time.


you playing tonight bro?

Well remember that it took roughly a year and a half for Gears 2 to get to more or less its final state. That game had more problems than Gears 5 does, and we stuck with it, didn’t we?

Like, Gears 5’s launch has been bad, but Gears 2’s launch was bad.


Hey Dan, maybe for Christmas they’ll give you a new Horde event with unlimited ammo!

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@Shakes_McQueen you made me laugh man !!! :smile: Ill give you that…

I don’t think im that lucky. . but im sorry man for my reaction… I was out of place …

that would be cool if that happened I mean… would be my dream come true man , you’re right. :smile:



But for myself alone. Don;t you kinda feel like, 'Dude, they still cant get this right?" I mean G2 had a lot of issues, because it was only the 2nd ever game.

So, I guess im more in the, its getting ridiculous type of thing, since their has been so many games now made.

All are different sure, but the MOLD was already cast, just add on it.

Yes man… Ill look for you tonight to play of course man :slight_smile:

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Sounds good bro.

I finally got to play with Ghoul last night. It was pretty fun.

yes man @o_GH0UL_o I think he sometimes plays as Jack… he’s great man. yes count me in :smile: looking forward to kill more monsters.

You don’t need to apologize to me man, it’s all good. I was just kinda puzzled by how utterly dejected you were about the weekly news update, considering it’s less than a day away anyway.

At the end of the day The Coalition would much rather have people who are passionate and mad about stuff in the game, than people who are just apathetic and quietly move on because they don’t care any more.

Positive energy, negative energy - it’s at least energy.

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Dude, Dan is like a Nuke of Energy.

He truly loves Gears :slight_smile:

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@Hu1k_Daddy its almost the only game I play besides Chess :smile:

@Shakes_McQueen you’re right man… at least FFA sounds interesting well see how’s that event.