What’s up today?

So Gilded Baird is definitely the young Baird model.

Yeah, like TC is deliberately withholding the details for Operation 2… for when the update drops. But what is the point? At that point the content will be in the game for us to check out… or it would be, if there wasn’t a never explained and seemingly pointless three hour delay between the update’s release and the actual content going live, effectively preventing me from starting to do any work towards unlocking a character on Wednesday because not only can we not install the update today, it{the actual content} also is delayed for another three hours for no good or apparent reason… sure never seemed to be a problem when Gears 4 updates went live to have their content accessible straight away after installing the update, and the fact that the actual content comes three hours after the update, well is stupid because it is effectively already time for me to go to sleep when I could start working on anything. Literally everything feels like delays.

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Can’t help but note that there’s an image of a male Onyx Guard in the banner, despite there being assumptions that there was only going to be an Onyx Guard model for Casan? I guess they added one for both?

You right lol. I don’t understand why they pushed this What’s Up back a day. There aren’t even any detailed looks into the new systems, no preview of some of the new medals, didn’t show the new blood spray death screen like ■■■■■.

You’re supposed to be hyped after reading these, I have absolutely zero hype now lol.

Worse than that… I don’t have any hope for the game at all.

Yeah. I was like “Looking forward to reading this…” at first and when I was done “… aaand it’s boring.”. Short, zero relevant information(well, except for that it is not actually getting delayed), not even details on skills for Baird and Lizzie. Way to go about trying to generate “hype”.

If all people really left the game for dead like Anthem … I really think they would consider very deeply to make changes to generate hype…

Perhaps people should do that, like in Anthem in which the playerbase left the game rotten in the wild.

Boring, yes, but some good bug fixes

Yeah, but that’s about it unfortunately.

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Uh, as someone who just wanted to see the patch notes on what was being changed tomorrow, I was satisfied. Everything else they presumably want people to discover on their own in less than a day, beyond what was already revealed in the trailer last week.

You guys kinda seem like you’re overreacting to a weekly dev update not being sufficiently “hype” for your tastes, when you are literally going to find out everything that’s in Operation 2 firsthand tomorrow, haha.

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The what’s up is up. https://www.gears5.com/whatsup-dec10-2019/


Stay tuned for full Operation 2 / Title Update 3 notes in next week’s What’s Up including a detailed look at Tour of Duty and the Totems Challenges for the new Characters.

Be an apologist all you want, but even by the standards they themselves set in last week’s What’s Up, this week’s was lacking. Unless what we got is a “detailed look” to you, in which case agree to disagree.

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Or you’re content with getting a relatively bare bones article because you weren’t expecting anything else. But TC claimed there would be details for everything coming “next week” iirc. Yet here we are, one day away from the update/release and nothing. So giving details seems a little pointless now, given that we’ll have the opportunity to check everything out tomorrow.

Though I mainly dislike the seemingly pointless three hour delay between update and content release,(activation?) for which I do not see a reason, and the inability to download the update on the day before(aka today) the Operation 2 start, resulting in me not being able to start working towards anything on the release day because of the three hour delay, even if mostly down to time zone differences.

I really wish they would go into more detail about what the miscellaneous bug fixes are, hopefully they fixed the campaign some…

It has nothing to do with being an “apologist” - man alive with the dramatics on this forum

No, it clearly wasn’t a “detailed look” at anything beyond the patch notes for the update. I would’ve loved to know more. I’m also going to find out tomorrow anyway, so hardly worth getting bent out of shape over.

I don’t really consider the full patch notes to be “bare bones”, is my point. There’s a bunch of good information in there about changes they made, and stuff they’ve fixed. Yes, the article otherwise lacks anything they mentioned last week about going in-depth on the new Tour, and the totems, etc. But it goes live tomorrow, so it mostly gets a shoulder shrug from me.

Regarding the three hour window, I’m going to guess there’s backend stuff they have to do before the update is properly live. Forza Horizon 4 occasionally does this too - where they issue a monthly update, but it doesn;t go “live” until a few hours later. Might have something to do with Xbox Live, now that I think about it.

There never was this sort of thing in Gears 4, as far as my memory goes. Content after an update always seemed available straight away. So I don’t really understand why this is the case in Gears 5 for additions of characters, maps and some modes, unless TC has chosen a different approach to make sure the servers don’t get screwed… which I can’t tell if they have really been successful with, should this be their intent.

My guess is certain content WILL be available upon installing the update, but that anything that relies on “live” infrastructure won’t be until that later time. Again, this is how it worked with FH4.

I can’t speak to Gears 4, as I didn’t play much of Gears 4 online.

at least that its a good game. It behaves as a Forza Horizon Game…

Gears 5 doesnt even have the guts to behave as a GOW game.

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Look at you speaking hot fire today :smile: