What’s up today?

Is there a what’s up today or did they delay it again?

I doubt they even know.

I was looking forward for some technical notes on the newest what’s up but I haven’t seen anything yet man.

Guess what… tomorrow is when it comes.


Hi man, thanks for the information :slight_smile: We’ll see tomoroww if there’s any hope on the game.

Seeing as TC are never reveal details to us until almost the last possible moment and the fact they can never get a weekly what’s up out on time, honestly they may aswell move them back to Tuesdays.

Operation 2 really needs to do something to grab my attention because there are other games I could spend my time playing and right now Gears 5 is frustrating me in a lot of different areas.

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Hi bro = )

Yes man still the game feels like s**et I wonder if this OP 2 could fix these issues that you mentioned before. i really hope so…

If the game doesnt get fixed, Ill be sticking to 4 or 3 , I mean there aren’t many choices as of now for me man :smile:


I really hope OP2 will move Gears 5 into the right direction, I only get so frustrated because Gears is one of my favourite franchises and if TC got better at communication and started fix the many issues, I know for sure that Gears 5 could be a really good game despite some of it’s flaws, like not being able to be any character you want to be in horde without being locked into a specific class :smiley:


So much for What’s Up’s on Monday’s :sweat_smile:


That’s not official. In the last What’s up they have in parentheses (liscence pending)
All I thought is why? Why do we need to know this? Why announce a date they we might get the update? Shouldnt they already have their liscence approved to push it through?

Where’s the what’s up? Dana said it was today, and by my count, it is late yet again.

These delays sure are tiresome.


It says “pending certification”, which is a process any game/update has to go through with Microsoft, before it’s allowed to go live on the platform. They probably added that caveat because it hadn’t completed cert as of the writing of that news update last week, meaning something could potentially crop up that prevented it from being cleared, however unlikely.

It said certification pending, not licence, which is a different thing entirely. From what I understand, certification is some kind of process in which bugs and other potential issues are meant to be found.

And what do you mean by “It’s not official”? This is a Twitter post on their main official Gears Twitter so it doesn’t get anymore official than that as far as TC is concerned.

It’s only 11:30am in Vancouver, so plenty of time for them to put it up today.

If I had to guess on the delay this time, it’s because the update might include a bunch of nitty-gritty on mechanical stuff and bug fixes being issued as part of the update, that might have been late to finalize.

But yeah - they really need to get back to a consistent Monday schedule more often.

It’s basically a formalized process by which Microsoft reviews and assesses the code, then certifies it to go live on the Xbox platform. This includes some amount of testing, although tons would have been done at The Coalition before submitting it, as any showstopping bugs discovered in cert would probably require them to start the process over again.

It’s totally standard for any software, and mostly a formality, although it can sometimes take a while - although probably not for The Coalition, as a first-party, “AAA” studio.

Because if it’s certification is still pending then no update on the 11th. There is less than 24 hours left until the supposed update and we havent even received a what’s up… I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if its delayed again.

They said certification pending was last week. It’s entirely possible it is done by now. Said process apparently takes around 5 days. And I would think that they are aware bringing this update out in time is critical.

Edit : Live now.


You got that right.

It’s up but… it ain’t good lol.

Yeah I thought the same.