What’s Up - October 7th 2019

Lol the lancer is FINE
But for the rest I agree

The problem people have with the flashbangs isn’t the blind duration… it’s the constant bright flash of light. Get rid of the flash and just make them stun grenades.


Hi, TC

first I want say thx to fix the EU Server, but I mean you have a wrong priority why do not you first fix the important things as

  • Ranking System ( have + Points and goes down) many Player have this issue and is frustrating (Wait for fix)
  • Server EU ( Is Fixed THX FOR THIS ) I see is not for all Regions Fixed

what i want say, first concentrate on the important things ,where the game experience destroyed.

Delivery Driver mac not gonna return ?? What a let down …

Sounds great!

Mac was flash banged so much, he went blind and obviously can’t drive anymore.


Probably an unpopular opinion, but I think the flashbangs need to be buffed, not nerfed. It’s mainly because of TDM. It feels so campy and like nobody is advancing position. With a stronger flash, players will feel more confident to push opponents out of their spots and speed up the pacing of TDM matches imo

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Still no word on new characters? Or even a mention. I mean the roster is one of the smallest at release even gears of war 2 had more options and you guys already got other characters ready like the cog gear Which I don’t know why it wasn’t already in the game to begin with…

“In October, we’ll be introducing our first ever Character roster update including brand new COG Heroes for Versus, Horde and Escape!”

This was the last we heard from TC on this. I would expect them later in the month.


Yeah I just suppose it would be nice to get a little update or something or a hint at what characters to expect, waiting months for new characters when the roster is already small abit of a drag. I guess my main issue is how they had characters like the cog gear and onyx guard in the multiplayer trailers but wasn’t available and won’t be for some time well the onyx guard anyway

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Yeah, would be nice to see a pipeline, and perhaps even give the community a chocie as to which characters to focus on (or the order).

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That actually sounds like a really good idea, atleast then they won’t have the risk of bringing a character that no one really wanted and get loads of hate, although it’s abit late for the hate bit :joy:

If we put it up for a vote, that my dream of seeing Alex Brand in any other Gears game than the abomination that was J will be screwed…

Surely you don’t suggest they do this, with the effect felt throughout all game modes, just because TDM is campy

Be a while to see her come to gears 5 when they got important skins that every one defo wanted like classic del and jd :joy: can’t wait for the classic kait to come out right?:wink:

Yay… classic JD… and classic Kait…


Truck stop Bathroom Mac is definitely on it’s way :truck:


Comes with a free toilet blood spray too


Brown and red :stuck_out_tongue:


Sponge Bob was excellent in its prime.