What’s Up - October 7th 2019

When are new chrome steel characters coming out???

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That’s funny
But the biggest gag is they can’t even dole out double stars
And now theyre offering double xp for escape

I can hear the forum erupting now when it fails to materialise

Promises, promises TC


Agreed, and playing on KotH in particular is like staring directly at the sun.



And they would announce it on the day I grinded all the 3 hive busters to 15.

Well, at least I can get Emile up and get the 3 characters beyond 15.

For purely selfish reasons I was kinda annoyed :joy:

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The description for the new Wanderer weekly hive map sounds pretty cool. Invulnerable mulcher scion!!!

Game over if he makes it to the helipad with you!!

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“While the stun length remains the same, players will now be able to better react and reposition to incoming fights after taking a Flashbang hit”

Just reduce the stun. We already have a stun grenade, the shock. This is a flashbang. Do they not know the different purposes? You can’t pick up teammates, shoot, or do anything. It’s overkill in the utility of one grenade. Also, it should not be a spawn weapon whatsoever. However,

“To encourage their use more – and potentially reduce the volume of Flashbangs used in a match – players will spawn with a Smoke by default and need to select Flashes when picking their loadout before spawning.”

It looks like they’re banking on the majority of their playerbase being too stupid to change their loadout. We’ll see if this makes KOTH and Horde bearable now. But the Breaker Mace and Claw still have issues even if you don’t come across them much. And of course the Lancer, but they are probably proud of how overpowered it is.

That Escape map sounds really cool. I like how creative they are getting with this new mode. It has a lot of potential.


If its esports it will be Trash Truck Driver Mac

While this is nice, you mention nothing about dimming the lighting effect. However, I will playtest this and make further comments later. I’d love to be able to play KOH again so this is progress. Hopefully decent progress.


I want Monster Truck Driver Mac.


At this point we should just fill the store with Mac occupying different job positions involving trucks. I guarantee there will be no more complaints regarding the store.


Shock grenades also damage, though. It also only stuns in its radius, and it’s a pickup. We need a way to quickly disable meatshields. Honestly, just get rid of the stun on shocks, since they’re supposed to be replacement inks anyway. Plus, they stun teammates, too, which makes no sense.

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The part about EU servers seeing a huge improvement is very inaccurate. My ping has been exceptionally high for a long time and has gotten worse since the TU. It hasn’t improved at all over the past few days.

More often then I’d like to admit.


This would be a welcome addition if it wasn’t for the fact that they still have MP problems. No thanks, I don’t want a special mode, I want the current MP to be better.

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Pretty excited for that new hive

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Im glad they’re fixing up EU servers…but no updates on NA server placements?
I live in Western Canada and 9/10 games I’m being put on East or South Central US servers. On a rare occasion I have been but on EU servers too. It’s frustrating to lose some engagements and not even get trades due to my ping being artificially 20-30ms higher than it should be.

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Shouldn’t the precision rifle bundle be next?

:vulcan_salute:Ok FINALLY some nerfs to the stupid stun grenade even though I would have preferred if TC made it a pick up weapon instead and leave it as it is!

And for my favourite mode… The Wanderer sounds AWESOME!
It is like the Nemesis from Resident Evil 3, hooray!
But tbh i hope TC manages to changes the hive assets a bit… Same rooms over and over again is not cool!

Hopefully they also keep on improving the netcode… High Ping can still be an issue here in EU
But thanks in generell… So far the update sounds good imo