What’s Up - October 7th 2019

And I want Hooters Lahni !!


I think we can all agree this is what the world needs right now. lol

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Not sure how they can say a very small amount of player. Everyone I know who played on that first weekend is still glitched. That’s a lot of players.

But I’m happy they’ve acknowledged us and are working on the fix.

Anyone able to provide a picture of the Niles gnasher and New Wave lancer possibly?

They can’t!

TC you must focus on fix the pc version that crashes often, It happens also on Xbox One but rarely: Game crashes, application error 1000, freezes, error GW502, BSOD... A disaster
I filled a form on your support section but I never got replied. I did the post above and none of TC replied me, on Answer Microsoft support forum was the same, I was ignored. Only Nvidia is aware of this and was decent on reply me.

That is a telling sign.

A set of skins is worth more than their actual game.

Its not aimed at normal people. Its for the whales.

There is no need to buy anything from the store. It’s extra fluff with no purpose.

No doubt.

Still ridiculous though.

“very small amount”

Oh my God, stop with the lies!

Unless The Coalition thinks very small amount is another way to write everyone.

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This all looks great but when are we going to see some love for Horde mode? I see Escape getting new stuff every week but Horde is being left behind.

The after work special. :slight_smile: loved the map, promotes teamwork. That’s the stuff I do love in gears. Come home after an early start to a fresh challenge.


How’d you beat it? Did you lock the Mulcher Scion away? That’s the only way I see of reliably dealing with it.

I think he did. I’d expect a video guide very soon, sooner than I expected.

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Fine. So long as you don’t decide to go off without me again when you wouldn’t have beaten The Hunters for at least another few days without me and would have spent a bit more time on The Gauntlet as well.

Ran it with 2 complete randos, I was mac, maxed adrenaline junkie, crazy tough, dodge, boltock, and bloody. Other were lahni and emile also at 18. Locked first 1 in second supply room, flash stun. First push let venom creep up for extra boltock damage. Saferoom. Ran straight up second part middle, repeated flash stun door lock. SLOWLY fought our way to end stretch killing everything. Only 1 hunter made it out, all 3 on board pick up.

I would like to note the emile and lahni I had played very smart and patient aggressive. Always together in the 3 pack, pick em up. They did not pick up blue ammo crates really, marked and left for me. No asking, just good players for boltock rage. We stopped in 2 rooms at the first half ammo wise. Saferoom has more for mac. The emile was really good. Soon as i hit a shot he was on it with bleed blade. The lahni was great support and multiple electroknife, 3 i believe. It is hard, it is designed for teamwork. None of that cheese run stuff.

Be patient and work together. Yes the lock it in supply room is crucial, but slow and steady wins the race to the landing zone. Let them push you and come out in open. The first half you are moving a bit till that u turn showdown bend.

Just everything going really good and everyone is on their A game. They were awesome escape players. Insanely good brawlers. I was very fortunate and lucky. You guys will be fine, it just takes some tries and good teamwork. You know how to play.

I have done all my master runs with randos btw. I love seeing what others do and know that I do not. Only one missing is the gauntlet. I’ll have to find a group for that one. I watch that guys videos after I complete one too btw. Although gauntlet will be the exception. I rather just trial and error. I’m weird lol.

@AmicableWall421 @Ektope

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All me and Ektope haven’t done is The Wanderer(but we plan on just locking the Scion away), and The Descent because of the venom constantly catching up and no visible or obvious way to speed things up or beat the Scions before the second safe room without the Boomshot for Keegan.

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I honestly think gauntlet is harder. Probably still feeling out the map man. This here, that pops there. You guys will crush this one. I dont think keegan is absolutely necessary in this one.

Gauntlet was easier… back when you could glitch Mac’s Barrier out so he could distract the Scions while everyone fired on the Bastions. Probably could do it without the glitch too but it made our lives easier. Especially with Stumps whose weapon never seems to overheat in Horde and Escape but does in Campaign.

Descent is just a pain. The one time we made it to the Scions with everyone alive, the stupid Drones just kept insta downing Keegan and the rest just took too long. Every other time we just didn’t get anything to work in our favor. The second Act is the stupidest part because you have hardly any time before the venom just comes and blocks your path off way too quickly.

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Oh the shield glitch and two mac’s lol? Ahhhhh the fresh launch days lol. That stuff was funny. That was how I did my first one, two dudes spammed it. After that, had to go by the books.