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What’s Up - November 4th 2019

“NOV 4, 2019


Welcome to What’s Up, your weekly update on all the latest news, game updates and more in Gears 5 and beyond.

Here’s What’s Up in Gears this week:

  • Title Update 2 releasing Wednesday
  • Ranked Improvements
  • Anniversary Event and Free Boost + Boost Bonus Stars Weekend
  • Gear In The Machine Podcast
  • Weekly Hive: The Clock
  • Weekly Supply Drop and Store Content


Our next Title Update is on the way releasing Wednesday, November 6th!

As this Update follows just two weeks after our rather large TU1.5 fix list, this Update is a little smaller but contains some key fixes we know you’ve been waiting on – including improvements to the Boomshot and Flashbangs.

We have plenty more updates and improvements in the works – some server side, some client side – as we work towards our biggest update yet coming in December with the launch of Operation 2.

  • Improved the consistency of the Boomshot with changes to the behavior of the secondary ‘bomblets’
  • Flashbangs will no longer affect players through cover
  • Full fix for the drop weapon exploit, including re-enabling weapon drops
  • Fixed a bug that could cause players to be perma-flashed in a match
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Enemies in Escape to sometimes be unaffected by Flashes
  • Fixed a bug causing the Weapon’s Locker to eat weapons in certain circumstances
  • Added a new check to prevent players using certain low covers to shoot through walls, ignoring muzzle block
  • Resolved an issue causing the Gnasher to have bullet magnetism while ADS when Aim Assist is disabled
  • If no users vote for a map in Quickplay, the next choice will now default to a different map on the same mode rather than the same map
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to have to wait a couple of seconds before being able to reload when Hijacking a Boomshot Scion
  • Power granted at the start of the Horde match is no longer applied as Power Gained in Tour
  • Sarah Connor: Enemies can now be gibbed when in one-shot range using her Ultimate
  • Forge: Added a new Jack Panel to allow Jack to activate the Incinerator
  • Fixed an issue that could cause enemy AI to teleport and ‘double vault’ if their vault is countered
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Scions to have a fully black model after being killed in Escape
  • Players can no longer share Power with AI teammates
  • Total Enemies Killed stat for Campaign now tracks correctly
  • Escape Leaderboards no longer show ‘Top 0%’
  • Resolved a state where audio could be lost in Act 4 in 3 player co-op
  • Additional miscellaneous bug fixes


In case you missed it on Friday, Title Update 2 also brings improvements to our Ranking System that will be accompanied with a reset and a free Blood Moon Imago skin to show our gratitude for bearing through the issues. Here’s all the info from our announcement last week:

One of our top priorities for the studio, as outlined on our Status page, has been to dramatically improve the Ranked experience. We know Ranked in Gears 5 has been a frustrating experience so far, and we’ve been working hard to rectify the issues as quickly as possible.

Earlier this week, we found an issue that cause a discrepancy between a player’s Skill Points rating and their actual Skill Rating, which resulted dramatic point swings seen in the post-match flow.

We now have a fix for this issue ready to deploy next week in conjunction with the launch of Title Update 2. However, in order to ensure that the changes rollout correctly, we are doing a mid-season reset of all ranks.

Unlike our last deployment, where playing matches would often move you towards where you ‘should be’ in dramatic fashion, this is a full blown reset – which means all Skill Points will be wiped and everyone will need to replay the 5 placement matches in any playlists before gaining a Rank.

We know this move may upset some of you, but it’s necessary in order to achieve the long-term positive experience we all expect from Ranked. This is a critical step in our ongoing work to make Ranked the best it possibly can be.

Since we’re having to reset Ranks mid-season, we want to show our gratitude to all our players for your understanding and patience by granting the Blood Moon Imago Character Skin for free. All that is required is for players to log in between the deployment of Title Update 2 and the end of the current Operation.

You can track all ongoing developments around key issues at, and we’ll be closely monitoring the results of this change – as well as your feedback – to determine its success.


This week will mark thirteen years since the release of the original Gears of War. INSANE.

To mark the occasion, we’ve got a couple of activities planned in Gears 5 to help celebrate:

Golden Gun Is Back!

The hectic gunslinger Versus mode is back for Anniversary Week, complete with oversized Marcus and RAAM heads!

If you missed Golden Gun later into the life of Gears 4, Golden Gun gives everyone a 6 shot Boltok that insta-gibs anyone it hits. The catch? You can only hip-fire.

Hit an enemy, and you’ll immediately get a bullet back in the chamber, no reload required. Miss and you might want to go make a coffee with how long you’ll be waiting for that reload. Moral of the story? Don’t miss!

Free Boost and Boost Double Star Weekend

From Friday, November 8th until the morning of Monday, November 11th, we’ll be turning on Boost Double Stars in Tour! If you’re trying to hit General before the launch of Operation 2, there’s no better time to grab those bonus stars from Objectives.

Anyone who logs in on November 8th will be awarded 3 Days of Boost for free along with the event-exclusive COG Tag Bloodspray so everyone can get in on the action. Remember you MUST log in on November 8th to get your free Blood Spray and Boost Spray for the weekend. This is the only day these rewards are available.


Last week, we released our first ever Gear In The Machine Podcast!

In order to continue providing as much clarity as possible around our ongoing work to improve the game, our Gear In The Machine Podcasts will bring you inside the issues on a topic-to-topic basis as we answer your questions and explain the improvements being made in more detail.

In our inaugural Gear In The Machine Podcast, Ryan Cleven (Multiplayer Design Director) and Dana Sissons (Director of Communications) from The Coalition sit down to discuss Gears 5 matchmaking and answer community questions. Watch it in the video above!


This week’s Escape Hive is The Clock.

In this two Act Hive, you’ll be racing against doors that close off after a set period of time has passed.

The Hive is packed with Heavy Weapons behind these timed doors, so every second counts. For those of you looking to top the Leaderboards, one of the exits will offer you a whole load more COG Tags for better leaderboard times – but only if you can make it in time!


Supply Drops are another way to earn rewards in Gears 5, dropping you content from the Supply Pool every time you fill your Supply meter just by playing the game!

Here’s this week’s drop of Supply content available on Wednesday ~4 hours after the release of Title Update 2:

Weapon Skin: Relaxed (Torque Bow)

Weapon Skin: Relaxed (Claw)

Mark: Stars

Mark: Arrows

Banner: Dam

Banner: Crater

Banner: Exhibit

Weekly Store Items

This week’s Weekly Store Items features a new Winter-themed Marcus Character Skin and another classic Curbstomp – this time from Gears 2!


Winter Marcus Character Skin

Gears 2 Curbstomp

This week’s Weekly Store Items features a new Winter-themed Marcus Character Skin and another classic Curbstomp – this time from Gears 2!

Weekly Store Rotation

  • Winter Marcus Character Skin – 1000 Iron
  • Gears 2 Curbstomp Execution – 500 Iron
  • Foot Tap Expression (Global) – 500 Iron
  • Museum Power Weapon Skin Set – 800 Iron
  • Chicken Blood Spray – 200 Iron

NOTE: the Store refreshes on Wednesday ~4 hours after the release of Title Update 2 and not at the usual Tuesday reset time.

Don’t forget, next Tuesday will see a brand-new collection of content available in the store while this week’s collection goes away.


That’s it for this week’s What’s Up. Our team are continuing to work on further improvements to the game based on our priority list found on, including Phase 2 of our Matchmaking rollout later this week.

See you online,



Bad: Marcus should be 800 along with any new character skins but ok lol, still no Classic craftable Marcus, and the Gears 2 curbstomp is pay only.

Good: Hopefully the new ranking system works well, Blood moon Imago looking sick, I like that Marcus is getting a winter variant, gives me hope for a winter scarred JD


Was it not just last week that they explicitly stated they would not be repackaging things in the base game and putting it in the store? I guess expressions aren’t included in this.

Foot tapping on Marcus is free to all

Foot tapping on anybody is gonna cost you $5


I’ll leave the other mtx bs for everyone else to complain about.


Well there’s the curbstomp everyone wanted but ya gotta pay up. Very disappointing. Curious to see how the ranked is gonna fair out.


Curb stomp from Gears 2 that you can only get using real money?

I’ll get the popcorn, this is going to be fun.


No eSports content …


Gears 2 Curbstomp is the only interesting item on the shop which I think should have been free from the very beginning.

Not sure if everyone agrees with me on this, but I think TC has there head up there ■■■■ to get anything right for the playerbase instead it’s being wasting on greed.


They already did it I believe with the crying expression, they had one for Fahz and then a global one that doesn’t have the quote.

Not quite the same but expressions are fair game in TC’s eyes.


I wonder when are they gonna release the patch for the fortification glitch that makes them disable in red?


500 iron for the og gears 2 curbstomp. Classy. :roll_eyes:

Giving that to us would have been a nice gesture of good faith. But I digress.

Also 1000 iron for a Marcus skin? So much for: “we’ll be reducing the prices”


This is gonna be fun…

Winter armor for marcus? ain’t that cute

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I hope it has a nice Christmas tree on it.

Riots will ensue if it doesn’t :joy:

This right here destroys any hope of the built-in curb stomp being remapped to another button.

My question is, why wasn’t Winter Marcus in Campaign? We’ll probably get Winter JD and Winter Fahz at this rate.

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Separate tactic from what I was pointing out but yes, still scummy.

(I think but am not sure since I haven’t purchased from the store or looked through emotes) they sold that Fahz emote, it cant be unlocked through playing…then a couple weeks later they sold the global (without sound).

This is more in line with moving the throttle execution from snub to Boltok. The emote is in the base game but only for Marcus…so to use it on everyone will cost you $5 (and I assume it will be without sound again)

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I would like to see Cole with winter armor since his armor is sleeveless, having the fur around the shoulder area would be fancy

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Ahh, I misread that line.

Yeah, after today I’m expecting anything and everything now.

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Bloody hell TC! Talk about 2 steps forward, 3 steps backwards! It’s like they’ve stopped stamping on one side of my face, and will now stamp on the other side!

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