What’s Up November 29th 2018 - Discussion Thread

(Keala89) #22

So rather than giving us Golden Hunter or Onxy Guard, you decide to give us unmasked versions of characters that no one cares for…

Good job, TC.

(Nova LyT) #24

Still wanna see golden characters like hunter and miner as well as onyx guard myself tbh still doubting if they’ll ever do it :frowning:

(Duffman GB) #25

To be fair it is still pretty good that we are getting new/re-skin characters, some 27 months after release. I do agree that the UIR Elites are not that wonderful, but some people will want them.
I would have so rather have had campaign dlc or a few bonus maps, or dare I say it Locusts in Horde but we can’t have it all.

We also need some legacy characters for Gears 5 (as well as brand new obs), that we have not seen or only seen once. J has some wonderful ones alone, and brilliant weapon skins.

I think overall we have been pretty spoiled by TC in the custom department, so credit where it is due. I obviously know why, as we all do of course, but even with that said I’m happy to have such a vast collection of characters to play as. The ones we got to play as for the first time ever have been great for example. I would love more dialog and unique lines though

I would like to see improvements in weapon skins though. A few have been AAA but there is SO much rubbish in there as well, to fill the packs, but still very poor. Gears 3,UE and J have some excellent ones that could have been ported, could be ported for 5.

I want far more “Dynamic” weapon skins and maybe even character skins, again see GearsJ (YT vids of skins etc) if you do not know what I’m referring to.

I do wonder how many skins we will see repeated from 4 in 5, I would imagine a large amount.

(Bleeding Pepper) #26

Yes and no.

I would agree that it’s good that they are still supporting the title over two years into the game’s life cycle.

However the choice of character is extremely questionable. TC must surely know how unpopular the Helmetless COG skins are; and also how unpopular the Helmetless UIR are. While I accept it’s minimal effort for them especially so late in the game’s life cycle I’d genuinely have prefer if they didn’t release this at all and use the time they spent on it working on something nicer.

As I had suggested in a previous post, if they wanted something relatively low effort, they could have done a New COG soldier skin based on Lt JD and Del. Just plonk a new silver redesigned helmet on their body and that would be that. I reckon that would have been more popular than this.

Alternatively I’m pretty sure the Cyclops has the same body armour as the Drone so just needs the helmet.

Basically it just feels very “two steps forward, two steps back”. The Kantus Collective ones were quite nice, as were the Lambent ones, but these ones and the last two sets of eSports Black Steel ones were not (with the Palace Guard being the sole exception). The quality feels very inconsistent.

(Furyan76) #27

She isn’t sexy… This UIR Vanguard female head is simply ugly.
This fish lips and rock face… Wow !
It’s a real nightmare.

If you want a female skin, make a beauty !

(JITheThunder) #29

These characters are released for old people in gaming :). Actually these are same as previous younger version of helmetless UIR character which was released for younger people, Only skin of face is made little darker and to look old so old people can also enjoy.

(HoesEatOreos) #30

stay away from our severs

(TC Vectes) #31