What’s Up November 29th 2018 - Discussion Thread

(TC Vectes) #1

Here’s What’s Up this week in Gears:

  • New UIR Vanguard Pack coming next Wednesday
  • Check out our Gears Holiday Gift Guide!
  • COG Officer Pack Returns Friday
  • Luck of the Draw is our next Versus Special Event

Read the full article here: https://gearsofwar.com/en-us/community/whatsup-nov29-2018

(TC Vectes) #2

(Slipping Flames) #3

Can someone let us know who at TC the two faces are modeled after? That’s some ugly.


Always knew that Tc were going to pull this eventually with elite UIR


I forgot there even was a What’s Up today. This one is pretty bad. Not worth putting the game into my Xbox One.

(Skelface) #6

but we’ve heard one question loud and clear - will there will be new Gearsmas themed characters and skins to collect this year?

From who?

(Duffman GB) #7

We must have one of the largest amount of skins, if not the highest number of skin variations in a 3rd person shooter/game by now ?

I know Uncharted 4 has a lot also mind you.

(SchizoPsycho74) #8

I think I’ll pass on this pack.

(crazychainsaws8) #9

where the November craftable characters?


TC, all we’re asking for is total perfection. Why can’t you accomplish that?

(J4CKA1) #11

You can’t see their faces when you’re playing anyway so who cares. I’ve always liked the UIR stuff. IF I get enough credits to buy a pack I will.

At this point, I doubt it. Waiting for that sweet Christmas XP boost to finish up my comp wins.

EDIT: sorry didn’t mean to reply to you for this post, David.

(CogCouple) #12

Here is the What’s Up news report :grin::grin:

Whats’s Up Gears of War

(CarlosYabrudy) #13

I just went to the store. Only the mega packs are available. When do the 400 credit COG Officer packs come live?


Bet they’ll be modelled after Mexicans. It’s always made me mad that the game I love above all others celebrates Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday, but absolutely nothing for the 4th of July, smh. Now don’t get me wrong, I do like those Day of the Dead characters but c’mon, we couldn’t have gotten some Stars and Stripes on our Boomshots and firework sounds with different colored blasts? What about Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty big heads like for Pumpkin Ball? Sorry to get sidetracked there, just something that bothers me.

(Duffman GB) #15

I see your Uncle Sam and Lady Lib and raise you Henry VIII and Elizabeth I :slight_smile:

(RelaxedHoffman) #16

William Wallace or Robert the Bruce :grin::grin::grin:


George Washingcog vs King George the Locust III!

(Bleeding Pepper) #18

The UIR Vanguard pack is just pure laziness and rubbish. I find it funny that after the negative reaction to the Helmetless UIR pack that TC thought this would be a good idea. At the time people poked fun at the situation and speculated that TC would probably do a helmentless UIR Elite pack at some point, but at the time I figured that it’s such a lame idea that even TC wouldn’t stoop so low to do that! Well, turns out I was wrong so hush my mouth!

If they wanted to do something relatively easy, they could do a New COG Gear skin based on the armour worn by Lt JD and Del. Just design a more modern-day Gear helmet that is sleek and shiny and plonk it on top of JD or Del’s body.

I mean, we have COG soldiers from across the entire timeline, so a present-day one would be nice.

(diablo vs24) #19

With a challenge to remove heads?

(xCE02) #21

Is this impossible to find competitive departure here in Brazil, have the possibility to unify or give the option for players to choose the servers of the United States?