What’s Up November 22nd 2018 - Discussion Thread

Here’s What’s Up this week in Gears:

  • A new take on Thanksgibbing is live now!
  • Get the first details on the Black Steel Black Friday Sale
  • Optic Gaming are your Columbus Charity Invitational Champions

Read the full article here: https://gearsofwar.com/en-us/community/whatsup-nov22-2018

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this is almost perfect, sadly there is no Weapon skins packs, i really wanted the Primordial skins but i don´t liked the characters in that pack.

15$ for the weapon skins and the emblem would be good

Reasonable prices. I was willing to pay £50 for Black Steel General RAAM, but now I’ll complete the collection.

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I logged in and got an Execution bounty not a Thanksgibbing skin? Played a couple of rounds of the event, still nothing. Also did not accept any of the bounty cards I used. I guess “What’s UP”! Can I still get one today?

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I looked for the boom/emblem at log in as well… no go so far.

They have a strange calculation for what day it is. I thought the game ran 24/7 but for some reason when they say “23rd” it means sometime later in the day? Maybe they need to use GMT.

Thank you this a.m. got both the cluckshot and the emblem plus a dragon eye boomshot? Guess that was the normal one so they just added the two. Makes it easy. Still would be nice to get some new bounties to make the game more interesting and up the xp.

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