What’s Up - May 14th 2020

Do not worry! Maybe in the upcoming weeks we only get the additional skins for the Carmines in the Store… :smirk:

I payed up for the last two operations as i like to support the franchise, as a result i never had to grind a totem untill recently. Safe to say 30’000 exp is quick to gain in horde so i probally wont bother buying the next one, Oh and don’t tell them that Mikel…

Don’t watch the video, just peek at the skin.

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I paid for Gary and finally done the 30k for Anthony and 30k for Benjamin. And at least I got a 3 days boost thanks to buying a character from the Store.
So yeah… 30k is pretty easy thing to do.

Haven’t had any boost for two weeks, getting less scrap as a result and leveling up at half the speed. The re-up rewards dont really give me an incentive to push for them and i reached general in 12 days this tour with boost so it’s not as if time would be against me without it. To each their own…

Oooff thank you!

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If they’re making it to where you can use any character in PvE then R.I.P to the hero system

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They just said any COG. So really all it means is that they are finally working on the horde characters and Dee Bee. Anything more is pure speculation.

Yea ik, Swarm arent available to play in horde

Yeah before it was gear chars now you look here it’s "any character " strange stuff

I wouldn’t expect playable Swarm in PvE anytime soon. They pretty much said it outright in today’s developer stream.

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The End… of the franchise

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“ We also revealed that PVE players will eventually get to use any character in PVE, and while it’s a little early to talk details, know that it’s part of a bigger initiative for PVE that will also address some of your concerns too.”

Did they say if it was just COG? I’m hoping it’s not just COG.

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“ For our PVE fans, we know you want to access these characters too. As we mentioned above, we have a broader plan for PVE we’re working on that will let you take all COG characters into Horde or Escape.”

So does this provide clarity or just more confusion because of inconsistent wording across different articles?:thinking:


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Just pretend the Cog Gear is secretly a Drone


I’m just hoping there is some kind of Overrun mode that lets players choose any character and play on either side of the battle. Think of classic Battlefront or Battlefield.

This is the “War” mode I always imagined for Gears. Having 2 large armies, vehicles, a bunch of A.I. on the battlefield.

Maybe for Gears 6.


It may be a while until we see overrun in gears 5 as they said they are gonna slow down on the modes (something along the lines of that)

Hopefully the series x let’s them do that for the campaign at the very least





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