What’s Up – July 30

Back to 4v4 (OG)… Sweet!

That should help with faster MM and less total ping in the game.

I like everything in this post, cannot wait to try it out.


Looks promising, looking forward to the changes.


Everything looks good except for the slide speed.
Can we get a playlist of gears 4 movement and no roadie strafe delay.
I like the ffa idea.
And happy with tdm comin back.
Can we get escalation back also please.

The Good:

TDM being solo and duo’s only and being 4v4 is awesome. Will make me want to play it more often, especially with the current state KOTH is in.

The tuning playlist sounds great and I can’t wait to try it out.

The change to KOTH making Elims 1 point instead of 2 is a good start.

FFA being available on 5v5 maps and being reduced to 8 players per game. Just get rid of power weapons and we’re set!

The Bad:

Still not allowing players performance to dictate their rank. KOTH is still going to basically be unplayable without a stack.

Sounds like we won’t be getting the old scoreboard back.


There’s apparently a major bug. Normally decks get wiped at random, but now the card decks are there, yet no skills appear during gameplay. Just tried two HF matches with different characters and no skills were working.

Could you send a ticket in as well, so we can investigate and follow up?


I’m going to bed now, but will do in the morning.

Edit: “Your request was successfully submitted.”

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Please remove chainsaw interrupt/flinch when taking damage… Make the chainsaw a viable cqb weapon…

Until that happens, i am out of pvp regardless how much they tweak pellet spreads, etc…


I don’t think this is a good idea… So many changes all at once? I know it’s the dev playlist, but having so many simultaneous large changes will not help TC tune anything…

If players go into this playlist and don’t enjoy it, they are going to have a difficult time isolating which of these many changes they don’t like about it. All they will know is something feels off.

When conducting any experiment, you need constants and variables… where is the control in this study? It everything all at once…


First off, great write up. The GIFs especially were nice to see the differences between the old and the new.

Terrible solution. I could easily sit back out of harms way and hoover up more points than everyone else whilst they are putting their neck on the line. The old system was better because it actually took into account how much damage people were doing e.g. 175 for the kill with just you shooting them or 40 points for hitting them with 3 lancer bullets for example. This KOTH ranking system doesn’t show skill.


The matchmaking is bad in this game, I think it’s a good thing a mode like this will exist. Not everyone wants to play FFA or 2v2 as a solo. Sometimes you want the full Gears experience, but you may want to play alone or you may not have friends on. Nothing wrong with the changes imo.

Gears was always better 4v4. Not to mention TDM was 4v4 in Gears UE. I expect the mode to play better. These are good changes.

So do you have a problem with FFA or 2v2? I mean, those aren’t 5v5 modes. Do those have asterisks too? You seem a little inconsistent.


Rest in peace Gears 5, let´s play something better (Gears 4)


well , PvE peeps cry out so much for character/class unlocked, so they gotta wait it out, it’s not easy programming things back to Gears 4, things should stay way it is ,much more Horde Events the PvE community would’ve gotten besides Terminator Event,Juvie Madness and Horde Frenzy

An operation lasts on average 3 months. If you are good enough, you should be reaching masters on KOTH within a month. It’s not that long and it’s better this way really.

Can’t wait to try these changes, all looks great!

I would like to see the elimination method of scoring in ranked adjusted though. Just landing a couple of bullets on an opponent grants the same points as a whole kill, which rewards players for playing passively with rifles and doesn’t incentivise players to actually engage in duels.

solo players should know what they’re getting into with team-based modes. if fairness was their top priority then you have FFA/2v2 to play with in a Ranked setting. QuickMatch for those that want that" full experience".

now we have 60% of the Ranked modes in the game where solo’s can play in a safe environment without feeling bad.

is KOTH next? Gridiron?


I agree with you there. Less is much better on this case, hopefully they take note of your reply.

Are you guys gonna fix the medals because paduk’s challenge under horde still doesn’t track progress.


I can imagine how high ping Players will be a Pain to kill on The developers playlists. I Hope they can compensate the nerfed(range&damage) weapons. If not and These changes Go Live for all Playlists it will be unfair and unbalanced. So lobbys/matchmaking should work near perfect otherwise quitting will be gettin outta control. And please separate Solos from stacks

Now that I think about it there is one thing I disagree with…The gnasher spread should not be closer it should open up more.

The gnasher should be a close-range weapon coming out of the end of the barrel it should start spreading quickly so that past 5 or 7 feet the damage drops off significantly to almost nothing.

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