What’s Up - July 23

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Looks good but I’m worried when they say they’re messing with GP values because they’ve been too “generous.” They better not base it off kills rather than eliminations. I enjoy the team aspect and I don’t want to fight my teammates for my kills. So hope this isn’t the case here. There’s a fine line to tread here imo and they better be careful with adjusting the parameters.

On another note, no mention of stacks. Solo play is frustrating with stacks. I don’t always have a friend to play with, and I think that’s majority of gamers.


You know I like this little update. Feels more informative somehow.

Wish they’d release a list of all they are working on.

They could prioritize by order and disclaimer that some things won’t make it into the game.


Gears 5 Optimized for Xbox Series X (Xbox Game Studios – The Coalition – Holiday 2020). Gears 5’s lauded campaign and multiplayer have been upgraded to take advantage of Xbox Series X, including: reduced load times, instant resume and 4K HDR visuals using Ultra settings.

no mention of 120Hz is kinda worrisome

Hyped Guardian will be sticking around!!!
At this point I am really enjoying it and it’s just fun again not worrying about rank. I must admit the only reason I wanted it in ranked was for it’s own play list. So i am good with the way they are handling it.

Long live Guardian!!!


Ummm. Wtf. Do you mean " (TDM) SOME FOR IT, SOME AGAINST IT"
WHat does it matter for the people that dont want it ranked.??? They arnt going to play it anyways?
guess what. I don’t want KOTH RANKED.
SO i guess since i dont want it. Your going to take it out right???

I’m having soooooo much fun playing quick play tdm. Its nothing but scubs that go 0- 8 then hurry up and quit.


TDM please,


This. Why does anyone care what mode I am playing? I think objective based games in Gears are incredibly boring so I don’t play gridiron or koth, I don’t care if someone else wants to play those modes. If a Ranked mode has the playerbase to support it (and TDM did) the subjective opinions of people who don’t even play it is beyond irrelevant.


I love how adding TDM back in as a ranked mode is even something that they need to consider. It easily has the population and they’ve literally eliminated any full team kill-based mode from ranked. It doesn’t matter if KOTH players think it should be a mode… Hell, most of them still complain that this isn’t a Gears 1 copy paste that they’ve already received in the last 5 years. Some people will never be pleased.

Meanwhile the new ranking system (albeit aesthetically pleasing) has got some pretty glaring flaws:

  1. Matchmaking (Squads) - In no ranking system should relying so heavily on a full squad be this detrimental to your success in said system. Full teams should only be matched against other full teams, a squad of 4, and a trio w/ a duo.
  2. Matchmaking (Time) - They acknowledged this aspect, but I doubt that it will remedy itself due to other items on this list. This is a result of both ranking restrictions as well as region restrictions. Matckmaking against ranks 2 below you will assist in this matter slightly.
  3. GP Cost - The GP cost from going from Silver to Gold is legitimately doubled from 65 to 130 GP respectively. Considering that the rewards never change, this eliminates most of your GP Win Bonus of 150 right out of the gate. These values need altered to reflect a more natural progression into the higher ranks.
  4. GP Match Win Bonus - We’ll use Gridiron for this example… Please tell me how a match where your team goes 7-0 is identical to a match that ends up 7-6 on rounds? GP needs to be rewarded in small increments for round wins and a separate (slightly larger) bonus for the win.
  5. GP Eliminations - The fact that if a player puts 1% damage on a kill and gets rewarded the same amount of GP as someone who did the rest of the work is socialism at it’s finest. Separate those GP bases on how much damage the player did to the enemy, perhaps with a final GP point for the kill itself. This sort of tactic will also deviate the GP amounts at the end of the game a little more.
  6. For the love of God, bring back the regular points system into ranked and have GP listed separately. Change for the sake of being different is what got you into this mess TC… I would have thought you learned your lesson by now. Don’t make me get the stick again.

B-But I was told that TDM was guaranteed to be back into the ranked line up once TC work out a few kinks in the new ranking system. Yeah, sure. Now we’re looking into discussions about its future. Also as someone mentioned earlier, "We’ve also heard your feedback about TDM-both for and against it as a ranked mode" Why in the hell does that matter? These people don’t play TDM anyways and more or less trash the mode while holding their mode of choice superior. Just put it back into the mix. Quick play is just not hitting the same.


I agree with you.

Keep the elim system. But reward if a player goes above & beyond as well. Maybe if they go over the elims can condense it to 5 elims equal to 2 points.

Same with caps & breaks. For every 2 additional award 1 point

@SamuraiEdgeEX I couldn’t have said it better myself. People who don’t appreciate a game mode will bash it but there is people that actually appreciate it. TC shouldn’t listen to people that hate the mode because they have a choice to play it. Us TDM players no longer have that choice



Ya bro soon as I read it’s OWN playlist, insta hype… it’s all I ever wanted… 2nd best thing besides Ranked.

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They said in their presentation last week on the unreal engine stream that they are looking into it.

TC are excellent when it comes to getting the most out of consoles, Gears 5 runs very well on my 6 year old XO, which is a rubbish console for the most part.

Lol I think the insane imput lag says other wise. The input lag went down ever so slightly when i bought the xbox one x. It was night and day for about 2 days.
And the input lag is still insane. Imo. Its the main cause for almost all the bs in this game.
That and being able to hit and down people when they are in COVER.
And im not talking about up A"s and wrap around shots. I love wrap around shots. They are hard to master imo, the window to hit that shot correctly is so small. And it feels so good to hit the shot.
I think the input lag makes alot of trick shots and movements ALOT HARDER to do because of it.
I can only imagine just how much better this game plays on a PC


Hmmmm I just wanted Ranked to start, At the end of the day its not our jobs to test it for them. They should test it internally i like it but have no motivation to grind for nothing.

please add a jungle map like this and make overrun mode for gears 5 please

Azura is just begging to be remade.


this 1000%

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Yeah, nobody is bothering with the Series X, especially not after that awful showcase and how ugly Halo looked. With MS having taken Xbox 3rd party, I’ll just keep my 1X and play elsewhere. As a gamer, I have every other option available. It’s great not being a fanboy!