What’s Up - January 31 2019 - Discussion Thread

Escalation is too boring. It’d have to be at least 300x XP for me to remotely consider searching for a match.

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I still can’t believe people play this game.

I gave my reasoning!:rofl:

One think is for sure TC is going GREEN as a company for the environment because they’re big on recycling! :recycle::grimacing:


I loved Tracker ball ,had a lot of fun playing it the last time it was out and i plan on getting a few waves in this time as well

I just might un-friend you for that comment🤣


Who is paying you how much to say that?


I was wondering the same thing

Not sure what you mean.

It’s Mendigo. He’s probably trying to insult you in some way😂

I’m such an insulter…

I was correct!:rofl:

Stoned, you mean

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How many times do I have to tell you, I don’t smoke😂

Does anyone know why on this new scavenger pack it shows the Outer Wilds Kait card as a legendary card in the preview but it was actually an epic card when I got it? Not a big deal at all but it’s a lot less scrap

Are there skins tied to this trackerball event?

How about an update on fixing the multiplier on older games?

Older games?

Gears 4 hasn’t got fixed, they aren’t going to start “fixing” older games :sweat_smile:


He’s talking about the XP multiplier in Gears 2 and Gears 2 JP

Just re-read it and my bad :sweat_smile::metal: