What’s Up - January 31 2019 - Discussion Thread

Here’s What’s Up this week in Gears:

  • The Mexico City Open begins tomorrow!
  • 4XP Core and Competitive Escalation live now
  • Trackerball Horde is back
  • Emerald Gear Challenge ends in 7 days

Read the full article here: Gears of War


So what is with these XBL free days? My XBL membership just expired today. Does that mean that I can wait till Feb 3 to renew it, and still play online?

You can win a GTX1080 even though the game does not work on a GTX1080 :joy:


Oh great, season 6 starts in 2 weeks. Now we will get to see all of these annoying threads about the ranking system not working again…oh wait, we see them anyways.


Will there be new packs featured in the store this week, or do we get another week of Raam?



Our next Horde Event has entered the Public Playlist rotation – Trackerball is back!

On top of a metric ton of Shock Trackers, we’ve also souped up the power of your melee kick to send those little suckers flying. It’s madness, it’s 25 waves, and it’s a ton of fun."

No, it’s not.

It’s gonna be this, until you get rid of that horrible variant:


Yes, yes, yes! Can’t wait to see all the complaints about Trackerball!
Edit; looks like they’ve already started! :grin:

So is series 3 done?

No, no, no, can’t see anymore rants about rank, lag, high ping players, sponging. Repeated over and over!

Edit: let’s not forget about some ■■■-kissing! :woozy_face:

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Yea tracker ball is trash so where the weapon skins that went with it. Theres so many missed opportunities with TC. God forbid they read the forums every once in a while they would know trackerball wasn’t liked


Didn’t they make all the trackerball skins be craftable because the event sucked so bad?

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That was the most infuriating thing. I spent hours doing trackerball just to get those skins. AND I HATE TRACKERBALL. Then the moment I get all of them, they become craftible. You would think TC would be a bit more concerned about keeping it’s customers with an upcoming new title this year



I had already dealt with enough frustration up to that point to put myself through that event tbh :joy: I think i only played it once or twice

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I honestly liked the skins. But that is just such a terrible event…

Does anyone know if Mania will still be available?

I refuse to talk about those skins…

And won’t be surprised if we get freaking juvies before Mania is back.

I would definately head back to inconceivable if they throw us a 25 waves mode.

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I just wanna finish my MO set. I only need 2 more skins

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In the article it says the Golden Gear Challenge lasts until Feb 10th, but the road ahead calendar (also present in the article) says “until Feb 12th”.

Edit: Nevermind. Always read the fine print.

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Aren’t there small words?