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What’s Up - January 31 2019 - Discussion Thread

(TC Vectes) #1

Here’s What’s Up this week in Gears:

  • The Mexico City Open begins tomorrow!
  • 4XP Core and Competitive Escalation live now
  • Trackerball Horde is back
  • Emerald Gear Challenge ends in 7 days

Read the full article here:

(TC Vectes) #2


So what is with these XBL free days? My XBL membership just expired today. Does that mean that I can wait till Feb 3 to renew it, and still play online?

(sancris777) #4

You can win a GTX1080 even though the game does not work on a GTX1080 :joy:


Oh great, season 6 starts in 2 weeks. Now we will get to see all of these annoying threads about the ranking system not working again…oh wait, we see them anyways.

(Pain and Regret) #6

Will there be new packs featured in the store this week, or do we get another week of Raam?

(mendigo2005) #7


Our next Horde Event has entered the Public Playlist rotation – Trackerball is back!

On top of a metric ton of Shock Trackers, we’ve also souped up the power of your melee kick to send those little suckers flying. It’s madness, it’s 25 waves, and it’s a ton of fun."

No, it’s not.

It’s gonna be this, until you get rid of that horrible variant:

(Me0wMix CatFood) #8

Yes, yes, yes! Can’t wait to see all the complaints about Trackerball!
Edit; looks like they’ve already started! :grin:

(Kevin D N) #9

So is series 3 done?

(mendigo2005) #10

No, no, no, can’t see anymore rants about rank, lag, high ping players, sponging. Repeated over and over!

Edit: let’s not forget about some ■■■-kissing! :woozy_face:

(ll R E D l) #11

Yea tracker ball is trash so where the weapon skins that went with it. Theres so many missed opportunities with TC. God forbid they read the forums every once in a while they would know trackerball wasn’t liked

(sancris777) #12

Didn’t they make all the trackerball skins be craftable because the event sucked so bad?


That was the most infuriating thing. I spent hours doing trackerball just to get those skins. AND I HATE TRACKERBALL. Then the moment I get all of them, they become craftible. You would think TC would be a bit more concerned about keeping it’s customers with an upcoming new title this year

(mendigo2005) #14


(sancris777) #15

I had already dealt with enough frustration up to that point to put myself through that event tbh :joy: I think i only played it once or twice


I honestly liked the skins. But that is just such a terrible event…

Does anyone know if Mania will still be available?

(mendigo2005) #17

I refuse to talk about those skins…

And won’t be surprised if we get freaking juvies before Mania is back.

I would definately head back to inconceivable if they throw us a 25 waves mode.

(HayMaker304) #18

I just wanna finish my MO set. I only need 2 more skins

(diablo vs24) #19

In the article it says the Golden Gear Challenge lasts until Feb 10th, but the road ahead calendar (also present in the article) says “until Feb 12th”.

Edit: Nevermind. Always read the fine print.

(mendigo2005) #20

Aren’t there small words?