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What’s up is not today


Dang well let me go ahead and close this tab over here click welp

What about ToD 2 news also tomorrow?

What a bummer.

Why am i surprised? I should know better haha…

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When will we learn to not trust everything Dana says? No offense to him as a person, but he’s been found of mentioning untrue things more than once.


I would not be surprised if December 11th rolls around and they Tweet out that Operation 2 is delayed. It’s a common theme with TC.


I have faith the Operation 2 will launch when its supposed to. What I dont have faith in is the update not breaking something


Forgot about that. Every update something else breaks, servers go down, or stats don’t calculate. Hope it goes well.

Thats exactly what I mean

Gasp!!! :scream: I’m so shocked they didn’t follow through again…


Why Twitter and never on these boards… Shame!

It’s time for the weekly what’s up and we are going to tell you what’s up! Delays! Delays everywhere!

Sorry GW502 error the developments staff team has encountered brain damage.

Looks like the operation 2 info is arriving Wednesday

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Thanks for the info my dude.

Dana its a girl or a boy ? I mean I thought she was a girl… but it looks like a full grown man.

:joy: lol Dana is a man yes. That’s just his name

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oh ok man… I thought because usually " Dana " its a woman’s name… poor guy man having a girl’s name should really suck LOL

I like it :thinking:

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