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What’s Up - February 7 2019 - Discussion Thread

(TC Vectes) #1

Here’s What’s Up this week in Gears:

  • Season 6 begins on February 12th 2019
  • Foundation Mid enters 2v2 Gnashers Only on February 12th
  • Guess what else also kicks off on February 12th? Valentine’s Events!
  • Guess what happens before February 12th? A whole weekend of 4XP!

Read the full article here:

(TC Vectes) #2

(TGLT Clutch) #3

remove arms race from ranked season 6? I would really like to know how many play that mode.


I bet that it’s the Onyx Guard lol

(Tei Tenga) #5

Hopefully the servers handle the 4XP weekend, it’s difficult getting the gang together at short notice to have some Horde fun and completely frustrating when we do manage to get together and it’s all for nothing because we can’t play.

(Pain and Regret) #6

Why are they not adding next weeks featured packs into this anymore?
I would like to know if I should drop all my credits today, or save em for tomorrow.

Pretty annoying how things are done around here, so many mistakes and typos, and so on… It told us about the new Theron pack before it was released, why not continue to do things like this?

I wouldn’t remove it entirely, but I would reduce it to 1 round for a win, I think having to play 2 and sometimes 3 rounds is a bit much, it’s slow and boring…

I wouldn’t be surprised, though with all the Black Steel variants I don’t know if they will introduce the Og in this game. People have been asking so I guess time will tell.

(Skelface) #7

Random Heartbeat skins = people will complain about getting only duplicates and nothing new.

After getting all of the available skins so far (10 if I’m not mistaken), I’m sure I’ll have trouble to complete the collection. We’ll see next week.

(mendigo2005) #8

" So everyone is clear, because we know it’s confusing:

  • Double XP is permanently enabled in Gears 4 since December
  • However, it’s still considered 2XP. 2XP is not the new 1XP.
  • 4XP is therefore double the usual XP rate in Gears 4."


(TGLT Clutch) #9

by remove I meant from ranked season 6, it’s just sitting in the playlist and barely anyone plays it.

(Omen LP) #10

Funny thing, we sometimes play 1-2 arms race matches in an evening, and we usually find a game/lobby faster than we find a dodgeball or guardian :slight_smile: (evening EST).

(TGLT Clutch) #11

what server?

(Tei Tenga) #12

I posted a question on Twitter here:
“” Why make BOTH Torque Bow challenges random? There are 5 remaining skins to be released (Enforcer, Markza, Overkill, Dropshot and EMBAR). The Headshot challenge rewards 5 skins, make them the above listed skins to complete everyone’s set, and then leave the other challenge random. “”

It was answered here:
“” There will be more Challenges coming up that specifically reward those skins. “”

With that being stated, one would assume that ALL Heartbeat skins for these 2 challenges will be skins that have already been previously released… so we will have to wait for later challenges in which to complete the full set.

(DeathScythe M01) #13

Does the heartbeat weapon skin pack contains all the 14 weapons or just the ones they reveal on past months? (At this moment TC has published just 9 skins)

(Pain and Regret) #14

I only have the Boomshoot sadly as I missed the other events, I’m glad to have a chance to get these again, though I hear what your saying…

(Pain and Regret) #15

7 random skins, you could get the new ones, but probably not…

(villa casual 42) #16

:smirk::smirk::smirk: Ah got you now.
Wonder if I can load up to do a 50 run.
Someone’s gonna have to force me off my horse on red dead first though.

(DeathScythe M01) #17

Ok. I see, thanks for the answer.

(Don PP) #18

Why did the Season 5 Emerald Gear progress disappear? Today is the 7th and it’s 7:50pm central. I was at 95% with a little over 400 kills to go!

(Pain and Regret) #19

I’ve seen a few topics about this now, it appears the challenge ended. Not sure if it was intended to be open until 11:59 or not. You can read more about around the forums.

(Skelface) #20

Thank you!