What’s Up - February 6th 2020

I like that we are now getting multiple updates per week as opposed to waiting for one update.

Also those skins are gorgeous.


I’m just waiting for a nice big drop in the store, give me the quality content TC :sob:

I know mate I worry every day that you are not being serviced by the store, heck even I have 6000 iron to burn :wink:

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but the latest update broke Ranked Mode for Versus. So until they fix that looks like noone will be playing lol.

I now get anxiety when looking at the weekly store update and when the eSports doesn’t even update then it’s :sob:

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It is a shame that the new Steel is so fugly. Maybe should have kept with the Black Steel, maybe with a few tweeks. The first couple of waves of BS were mint. I think TC got a little careless with the latter ones, lights were dimmed for example.
And as I say totally underwhelmed with the new ones.


I was referring to news updates lol…but that’s a shame if true. Haven’t seen anything on this yet…what exactly broke?

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In the main rank thread lots of reports of zero points being awarded. I only played one match last night but same thing. Won with MVP no points.

Was this an isolated incident, or have you received zero rank points since the last update?

There are multiple reports of this in the Main Ranking thread, but i only played this match since the Update.


That’s pretty weird man. I don’t know, I don’t play ranked, but, I don’t think this was intentional lol


I was hoping for a “White Steel”.

Or an evolution of Black Steel.

What we got was neither premium, distinctive or detailed.

Yeah, the first dozen or so BS Packs had the quality.

Then TC dropped to 3 Characters and even still the quality suffered, save a few.

But still,

Better than a Chrome Steel Weapon Set which STILL isn’t complete 6 months on AND it looks similar to the Halo Weapon Skins and WHERE ARE MY LEDs :sob::sob::sob:

The Characters are so bad.

Give me Spectre Swarm and Locust with Black Steel.

Give me Black Steel Golden Hunter.

Emissive Black Steel Weapon Set

The Good Stufff.

I think we all wanted White Steel, it would look great, maybe a Polar White. The Locusts and the mighty Queen would never have looked better.


Would have been something different and some of darker maps, would look excellent.

Lol i dont think they ever intentionally induce new bugs!

Well there has been some discussion about potentially negative effects of intended future ranking changes such as rounds not counting causing pointless matches.

I was responding to the effect of that sentiment mostly.

Lol well no point in playing Ranked if I dont gain points for MVP wins, when i already have to deal with tremendous latency issues! But thats my opinion. Ill go play some less stressful Social or Arcade lol.

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The game is different from 6 months ago but unfortunately it’s got worse.people who have given up on this garbage game are not out of touch, they are frustrated beyond belief.The only thing that works are the micro transactions.( funny that).the game is broken .nothing is good from a gears fans perspective.
Gnasher garbage
Lancer over powered so people who have no skill what so ever can kill people who have put time into learning how to use a gnasher…I will believe these fixes when I see them.but km not hopeful about this game because of the crap T.c are giving us.

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yeah man Perhaps one of the members of " BOYZ II MEN " hahahahah :smile:

I think the lad here MATT, sounds sincere and wants to fix the game somehow hahahaha :smile:

Horde works :slight_smile:

I’m a franchise long-fan man, I like this gears.

I honestly believe this is the best title in the franchise to date.