What’s Up - February 28 2019 - Discussion Thread

Here’s What’s Up this week in Gears:

  • New OSOK trial playlist settings coming next week
  • OSOK Horde balance changes live now
  • Next Challenge Character reveal this Tuesday
  • 4XP King of the Hill will be next week’s Featured Playlist

Read the full article here: Gears of War

This new version of OSOK intrigues me

I’m looking forward to this series 4 content… I would love to finish some of my sets.

Sounds interesting, they should have added a smoke grenade though :frowning:

Edit: The smoke should work as intended with melee being turned off.

I wonder where TC saw that idea? OSOK?! or Two shots down exec?!


Congrats OG

@anon86589457 @TC_Octus
I really like the tweaks you made to OSOK this week, the headshot only part is really welcome. I posted a question in the stream today, but you only read the first sentence and not the question so I’m posting it here.

Most OSOK matches devolve into close quarters wallbouncing making it very hard to get headshots (which are the only kills that count for the challenge). While I acknowledge that’s part of the game like you replied on the stream, is there a way TC could drastically reduce the close up damage of the Longshot for OSOK to force the mid and long range engagements? I know this might not be a popular idea, but people are running around bouncing all over the place up close and using a sniper rifle for the one thing it wasn’t designed to be used for. Just an idea, and I’m sure others will let me know how much they hate this idea.

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Why was Gears 2 XP dropped down from 4xp to 2xp?

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While I acknowledge that’s part of the game like you replied on the stream

So sad that they said this, I mean B button is also part of the game yet they took that out, I mean it isn’t rocket science in seeing whats going to infuriate most of the player base, the game mode is literally called one shot one kill! I’m glad the changes are coming

What time does this start at? It’s already Tuesday, 10:43 AM Central where I’m at.

Should be in 1 hour and 4 minutes