What’s Up - February 21 2019 - Discussion Thread

Here’s What’s Up this week in Gears:

  • Scopes up for the debut of OSOK Horde this Friday!
  • OSOK also returns this Friday with two new challenges
  • New Matchmaking Updates for 5 Player Squads
  • Additional reinforced Quit Penalties arrive Monday

Read the full article here: Gears of War


“For those who have been quitting rampantly, you may find your next suspension lasts several weeks or even months.”

Only for quitters, right?

Osok horde sounds promising!


OSOK horde has a very cool idea instead of a “only this enemy” type, I gor jope for it and I Hope it’s great :smile:
But come on now when are you guys going to reveal the season character? (Please be the Onyx Guard)

I think the matchmaking changes are a move in the right direction. Now if only we could do something about ping differences…

I know there is a supposed window in initial matchmaking that is suppose to limit ping ranges. Since most people get a weird ping spike as soon as the lobby starts to load, there’s really no way this works as intended/stated.

I am looking forward to playing some horde. It’s something I haven’t felt in a long while.

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So thats why we have been searching over 30 minutes in Koth and couldnt find a match, in a five stack

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I find matches in 10 seconds to 30 seconds as a solo player

Series 3?

Hello TC,

Thank you for the updates.

I’d like to take a moment to discuss the cons and pros of such set of updates:

Quit Penalties cons:

  • Brings back Away from Keyboard attitude or giving up easily by staying in the spawn with snub for preventing idle kick out.
  • Drop rates in player base especially in the end of this game’s life-cycle.

5 Stack matchmaking new system’s improvement cons:

  • Double the queue time for PC, which was silly in the first place since cross play is almost turned off.
  • Manipulated easily(such piece of information is classified).
  • Kills the first rule of this game being team based, especially in Escalation on which drives players to desert that mode.
  • Anti-cheat system is not working fully thus solo players will suffer if they matched against a hacker.


  • Encourage solo players just like me to play more now.
  • Boost in ranks for the good solo players.
  • Cancerous squad for the whole day, in the same mode is no more.
  • Shows persona’s true skills



Quick question, unless it’ll be answered in the Dev stream later:

The “What’s Up” said for OSOK Horde that one challenge was for 250 KILLS but the actual challenge in game says 250 HEADSHOTS - has this been changed?

I do prefer the kills over headshots personally :laughing:

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Prepare for all the new threads coming about this from people who don’t actually quit


I’m happy with the changes. The quitting has been the worst it’s been for a while since the new season started. Stacks have been a problem for a long time.

Out of the 4 full 50 waves I done at the weekend the sniper quit in 3 in of the matches.
Lets see what happens this weekend.

I just remembered I’m not a big fan of multiple snipers on same lobby.

Servers crashing. That you can definitely expect.

Until TC fixes the ping fluctuating issue, shot registeration, and lag all other things to a point are a waste of time. The past week has been absolutely terrible for ping issues and shot registration.

@anon86589457 @TC_Octus @Thecoalition


What we say-
“the bans are ineffective”
“the bans only hurt people who actually play the game”
“too many people get wrongly banned”
“the bans are highly flawed”
“please fix the bans”
“why am I unnecessarily banned?”
“I got booted from a game and banned”
“I would rather deal with quitters then these faulty bans”

What TC hears-

My friends, there is a slight disconnect…

@Krylon_Blue @ll_R_E_D_l

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A slight disconnect?

When my friends who never quit get disconnected before a match begins only to be suspended I call that a major disconnect. My friends end up waiting for the suspension to end but that quitter doesn’t care at all because they’re off to play Fartnite.

Yeah, the suspensions work great guys. So good that these players continue to do it because they have other less laggy options


Said in a VERY sarcastic tone😂

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I realize this. Just making a point to @the-coalition

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Don’t waste your breath…or finger muscles

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