What’s Up - February 20th 2020

FEB 20, 2020


Welcome to the new What’s Up, our weekly blog where we’ll recap everything that’s happened in the past week and talk a little about future developments. In What’s Up this week:

  • Operation 3 Launch Date
  • Core Mechanics Roadmap
  • New Gnasher Tuning Change
  • Gnashers Only KOTH
  • New Hive: The Warren


We know you’re eagerly awaiting news on the launch date and contents of Operation 3, and as of today, we’ve reached a point where we can share an update with you on what to expect over the coming month.

The launch date for Operation 3 is scheduled for March 31, 2020. We’ve extended our standard Operation length to give us some extra time to deliver important hotfixes and server-side updates to help improve the overall Gears 5 experience.

We’ve already deployed a significant improvement to Ranked (more still to be done) and our first hotfix on Tuesday. Between now and Operation 3, we’ve got even more hotfix Title Updates and server-side changes coming.

We understand that waiting a bit longer for Operation 3 may be disappointing news but the team at The Coalition is fully committed to delivering the Gears experience you want and deserve. Thank you for your passion and loyalty, through ups and downs, over the past six months.


Since Operation 3, we’ve been reshaping the Core Mechanics of Gears 5 towards an end-goal of cranking up the fun factor of Versus multiplayer that’s both more responsive and deeper than what we had at the launch of the game.

This is a ride we’re all on together, so we’ve written up a comprehensive Core Mechanics Roadmap to provide a clear view on the road behind us and the road that lies ahead. Check out the Roadmap here.


Last week, we made new changes to the Gnasher to bring more time, depth and strategy to close range fights, and act as an effective counter to Gnasher players that thoughtlessly charge an opponent.

As of today, we’ve made another series of tuning updates that we believe will improve how the Gnasher feels and performs – adding more point-blank damage, increasing poke-damage potential and upping the amount ammo at spawn.

You can find the full details in our Core Mechanics Roadmap here.


In case you missed it, This Week in Gears 5 tee-d up the next 7 days with a look ahead at everything going on in the world of Gears 5. This week included:

  • Gnashers Only KOTH
  • New Hive: The Warren
  • New Versus Event Medal
  • Operation 1 Bundle

For full information on all these events and updates, you can read the full article here.


That’s all from us this week. We’ll have updates on our next hotfixes coming up soon, so stay tuned for more info on what we’re targeting next.

If you want to ask us about any of today’s news, drop by our Gears Developer Stream today at 3pm PT on live.gearsofwar.com – we’ll be there to answer your questions and talk about your thoughts.

See you there,


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If u want to make gears fun again decrease the weapon spawn timers back to 30 seconds…
More power weapons on the go mean u will have less ppl crying about the gnasher😂

My biggest question is HOW MANY MAPS in op3???:thinking:

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That’s like a whole month longer :frowning:


I’m setting my expectations low.

like, delayed a month and we still only get two VS maps low


Can we have more ammo in horde first?
Then you guys can return to make a perfect gnasher,even if that’s never going to happen.


March 31st is obnoxious. We already know from the leaks that there are character skins ready to go. Let us start grinding ffs.


Doom Eternal releases March 20th… OP 3 comes out March 31st…

I have this strange feeling like i’m not interested to see what OP 3 brings anymore.


Lol you delay it another month for so you can “deliver important hotfixes” and “server-side updates” but we all know you will just add more things that will break the game even more and only add 1 map and add another Gears 4 map. Oh and DOOM Eternal comes out 11 days before the OP3 so don’t expect any of us to come back at that time and expect to get even more trash content like your stupid helmetless COG gear that your bringing back.


the fact that they picked the 31st makes it an easy way for them to delay another week or two.

the outrage would have been worse if they said April, now they can delay even further a spread the disappointment out over the entire month.

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Ok. Did anyone not see this coming?

So we have an extra month to complete operation 2?

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For God’s sake…


Bruh… delayed an entire month? What the f…

Well the only thing I’m missing that I wanted was Classic baird. Now I have plenty of time to get that damage.


This is such bs I just bought the Operation 2 bundle 2 days ago because I wanted to use the boost and iron to speed run and reach General this weekend. I wanted to complete it and have some left over boost and iron to help speed through the early ranks Operation 3. I don’t understand why they did this I was rushing to complete this operation and now I have to wait for another month.

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Yeah didn’t think of that. This really sucks for bros who just bought the OP 2 bundle expecting to use the boost for OP 3.

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It’s annoying why did they wait a week before the original end date to decide an extension?!

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Do I now have to continue to get a ranked win during this extension for the Grind Season achievement?