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What’s Up - February 13th 2020 / Current MPXP Tuning


That is the kind of myth and misinformation that leaves most of the roster sadly neglected. Although there are some disparities in character usefulness that could potentially be recalibrated, the greater issues here are ignorance and the effects of peer pressure amongst the playerbase.

Are you speaking of Del, controlling the whole flow of the match with Fabrications, contributing to kills as much or as little as desired?
Or did you mean Fahz, vaporising Drones and the like with his Longshot before others can even acquire a target?
You could be referring to Keegan. Highly destructive and dominant with a set of Bleeding explosives.

I just feel like people are missing out on an awful lot by not giving any thought to the majority of the characters. Whether they’ve even explored this personally, or are just going by what others have told them, I’m not sure.

But that’s literally what Marcus can do, especially with a more defensive build. In his Ultimate with BoB you can eat Boomshots to the face and draw a ton of fire, tanking for the team.

I wouldn’t advise going toe to toe :sweat_smile:
Planting yourself in some forward cover though, you can tank it up real good.

But… But… Isn’t Marcus one of the weakest of the characters!? :hushed:
His son is literally more deadlier than him! :hushed:

Haha no I think he is very strong! He can tank very well. Or if it’s damage you are seeking, he can certainly provide that too with the numerous buffs that he can stack up.

I usually prefer an offensive style build with him:
Band of Brothers
Rifle Feedback
Custom Lancer
Last Ditch
Expanded Mag

I rotate constanly between actives on the Retro and the Claw. Sometimes the Enforcer which has the highest damage potential point blank, though suffers drop-off severely with range (up to a max penalty of -84%). The Retro and Claw are his best rifle options, suffering only up to 10% and 0% (zero) damage drop-off respectively.

So it isn’t literally what he does, because what you’re saying isn’t what I was saying. I understand what you’re saying but even that doesn’t really work well on a harder difficulty, unless you have a jack just waiting around to pick you up on the frontlines which is a dangerous prospect.

Well yes, aside from the toe to toe part :slight_smile:

I was thinking of mid-late game where you will get crushed if you try to run out like that alone.

You can definitely get away with some of that during the match but you’d be better off in cover with Dug In equipped if you’re playing a hard tank style.

So we’re back to sitting in cover trying to get 1 or 2 kills a round, not actively trying to do anything else. My point exactly.

I’m not saying he’s a weak character, i love using him up to insane. But he isn’t strong enough in his role. You’ve made my point yourself, you either murder everything as a JD, or you sit in cover trying to get a kill here and there while occasionally using your ultimate. Where’s the fun in that? He starts with a lancer, and has a card for getting chainsaw kills but it’s almost pointless trying to use the chainsaw on anything other than rejects if you’re lucky enough that JD or Kait doesn’t kill them first.

The other option is simply make JD weaker so that you have to actually use teamwork and coordination for him to be effective - kind of like Keegan.


Hold up. We were on about his tanking potential though, not how many kills he can get. Like I mention above, Marcus can really dish out the damage too if you play him that way.

Sometimes it can be tricky to extend his Ultimate but there are many things that can help. Positioning is key, since he needs something to shoot but you don’t always have much to go at. That’s when it would be a good idea to stay mobile and seek out targets.

Tanky enemies like Rejects are very nice. Blast his head off, then farm critical damage off his exposed (very) weak spot to boost your Ultimate duration. With the Regeneration Modifier on, consider allowing foes to regain health and then blast them all over again.

Of course this all becomes easier as you upgrade cards and perks.

Don’t waste a slot on the Chainsaw card. Instead if you need your Ultimate, just let the last enemy punch you up for a free recharge. Easily achieved with Jack holding the beam on you.

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Okay I’ll try and put this plain and simple, tired of the back and forth.

Team Fortress 2 did it over a decade ago. You have heroes and classes, why not make them effective in those roles and reward people for being effective in them.

OMG, that sounds so great! Imaging playing Horde as a +250% Health mobile decoy! That’s even more fun than playing as Jack, ferrying weapons to the Forge and reviving team mates, for 2.5h…

You are right, I stand corrected! There are countless fun ways to play Horde with different characters !

We just need to adopt a different definition of “fun”, right, @D_A_N_III_3_L ? :wink:

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New gnasher tuning is garbage.

hahahahahaa @Omen_LP I think the " FUN " implemented onto Gears 5 has been solely towards one character JD, other than that everyone else just are maids and underbutlers for JD at best hahahhhaha :smile:

He wanted to focus on tanking as Marcus. I’m saying the tools are already in place to achieve that.

Fair enough, you don’t like the game. Cool.

Anyway bro, how’s the Elite Series 2 treating you? I’m looking to pick one up very soon.

Just to point out that Keegan doesn’t have the same Custom Boomshot buff as JD nor the ammo capacity.

But yeah you’re right - Keegan is very much viable in Horde , and of the three original Escape characters he’s easily the most viable.

One of the things people tend to forget is that Keegan is not JD and never intended to be. His role is described as “support”. Granted his actual skill set means that he has some added pow! to his reportoire but his role isn’t “offence” like JD. I personally found that Keegan synygises well with Kait or Marcus because he can spam his ammo drops and using his Recharge Bounty help them regenerate their Ultimate as well. In return Brothers to The End helps give Keegan stim, and Kait’s stealth is obviously super handy in all kinds of situations.


Sounds nice mate. I keep meaning to level up my Keegan and I’ve seen how he can support the team very capably. Just been quite attached to Marcus/Kat/Mac lately.

I’m back and I just want to point out one thing immediately-

Being a trishot operator is NOT the only viable approach to being effective outside jd/kait in master dps wise.

It’s just the top end. There are many options, especially if you set your base correctly.

In a multi-lane base, everyone has room/ability contribute in multiple ways.

Has anyone here actually tried operating an overkill locker? That gun is seriously under-estimated.

I assume mostly because kait has cards for it, but it can hold a lane off a locker on ANY character.

Marcus is far from a “tank”. Sure, if all of his cards are maxed out at 5, he can take a few hits. But a boomshot to the face? Don’t be ridiculous.

Even with his ultimate engaged, a burst of Claw or Hammerburst ammo will down him immediately, even in cover. A boomshot, Dropshot, Salvo, Tri-shot or Mulcher hit will also down him.

Sure, he can take a hit, but he can’t kill anything. Give Del a Claw, and he is just as powerful as Marcus with his Lancer, Hammerburst or Claw. Yes, Marcus can kill enemies with a Tri-shot, but so can every other character.

Marcus is and has been my favorite character. In pains me to say that he is the weakest and least effective character to play as in Gears 5.

Marcus has Assault Rifle Damage Perk. And with his Ult, he can land far more headshots than Del.

Thanks for the reply, but you are missing the point.

How many headshots does it take to kill an Elite Drone on Insane, Inconcievable, or Master? It takes Marcus an entire clip, using his Lancer. No matter how you spin it, that is ineffective.

I think you’re missing the point.

The Claw with higher damage would contribute towards extending the Ultimate. The Rifle Feedback card and Damage into Cooldown would help. Or even using Lancer GL to extend Ult. Afterwards, he could switch weapon to Tri-Shot or Mulcher or something with headshot capability to kill enemies. The added bonus of Friendlier Fire card would help team mates too, to auto aim headshot.