What’s Up - December 4th 2019 / Operation 2: Free For All

3 ffa, 2 2v2 and 2 universal maps


I will legit play nothing else besides FFA. I am honestly shocked this will be a Ranked playlist. Insanely excited for this.

@ll_R_E_D_l Thoughts on getting Diamond in 2v2?

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As soon as I saw that part I knew I had to post it for you lol

My biggest thing is that this is not 100% clear on what the f^ck is going on with this operations lol

Also TC sticking it to those that actually bought Winter Marcus. Thank god I didnt hold down that button


Totally slow it down to see a good bit of items and it really doesnt seem like bad items either like the Onyx and Ice seem really nice.

Well seeing as you’ll end up in Plastic 3 for FFA, I’ll carry you in 2v2 lol


I liked everything i seen except for 1 thing

Winter Armor Marcus in the tour… so people who spent the Iron on him are completely ripped off? Could have saved Iron and unlocked him in the tour…


2nd remake of LIFT, nice!


They seem to call it “Collector’s Winter Marcus” or something so I got a feeling we’ll end up with something like what Epic did in Gears 3 with the two Mechanic Baird skins.

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  • FFA sounds great. Can’t wait for the ranked version.
  • FFA maps sound fun
  • Horde stuff is cool
  • ranked 2v2? and comp tuning? YES!
  • ToD changes and rewards seem great.
  • good characters


  • Fkn Lift? Seriously? Smh. That really pissed me off. Soured the whole thing
  • why can’t we play the FFA maps in other modes?
  • no news about bug fixes. I hope there are a ton, as the game needs them.
  • only 2 new general maps and one of them is fkn lift? A gears 4 map remake that they were so insistent on us not having gears 4 maps? Ridiculous.
  • no paduk, Dom or Cole.

Oh my bad, I guess there are only tow new VS maps

Lizzie Carmine gets added before Cole

TC is full of geniuses I swear.


Hmm… after some careful thought I’ll be filing this under ‘U’ for “underwhelming”.


No - there’s a $20 thing that includes the characters, some Iron, some skins, and boost, if you want it. Still actually a good deal for what is included.


Just saw that classic baird is earnable in TOD…thats dope


But there wasnt much difference in those characters from what I remember.

And @KC_JAY_1986 I said the same thing. Im so glad I didnt get him. I was tempted but something told me to hold out lol

Are you not happy with the Cole banner??? lol

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It is a pretty good deal … guess they are trying to bring in some coins some how and anyway they can

WTF where is. Cole, Dom, Clayton, Myrrah and locust drone ?!?


7 new maps but mode restricted. So for someone like me who only plays Core KOTH, thats 5 maps wasted for me.

When I heard 7 I got excited expecting at least 2 to be Classics from the original trilogy (River, Jacinto etc) but the only remake we got is the errr classic??? Lift???

Trying to be positive… there is a bunch of new content but still wish at least 4 new maps were added to core rotation instead of 1. (Lift doesn’t count)


Saw the video, Not bad, not bad at all. My approval just went up from 50 to 60-70/100.