What’s the point of spending real money on the store?

All store items come out free (gears coins) next week, there’s really no point on spending real money on them

Some don’t cost Iron or Gears Coins like eSports items and Chrome Steel Baird.

About the Operation 4 stuff, if someone wants it ASAP, then it’d be a bit exclusive for a week.

To support the game? I made a point of buying the Operation bundles for that reason. If people don’t support it there may not be a next one.


Might be for the better :roll_eyes:

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Maybe the next will be better! :thinking:

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Well it certainly can’t be any worse than Gears 5’s launch anyway.

(The guy represents TC)


For Early Access on the free store skins of course

I only spend real money in the store because I need every gears coin for skill maxing