What’s the point in Re-up?!?!?

So I guess you can’t show off your level or skills in gears 5 because the re- up just sends you back to 1 like you just started the game fresh​:rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: no square around it or no weapon skins etc…!!!



This is why I broke up with my girlfriend and burnt my house down.

The sheer utter disappointment and disgust.


I think TC said they will be addressing this soon.

Which leaves me in a pickle because …


It must be a bug that its not showing up in a MP match. Pre lobby i can see a silver circle around my lv (im re up 2) but when i join a lobby its not there. I have been called out multiple times now asking why is my “low lv ■■■” playing ranked even tho im Re up 2 nobody can see it so they just assume im a beginner. Im just trynna flash my lv ffs lol.