What’s the Most Effective Way to Cancel Lancer GL Aiming?

When aiming the grenade launcher for the Lancer GL, what’s the fastest/best way to cancel? I know you can aim close to your character until the laser turns red and let go of the button safely then. Is that the only way? Was a little surprised there wasn’t something faster/simpler (unless I’m missing something). Couldn’t find the info from searching. Thanks!

Press Melee

Or aim directly down into your feet and release. You can’t fire it too close to you.

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I aim it down to ground until red.

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Swap weapons, melee, hold it until it goes red on the ground.

Whichever you prefer. I like swapping weapons personally.


Haven’t heard about this before

I’ve canceled with melee dozens of times in versus with no problems. Haven’t tried in horde though.

I haven’t come across this at all. I never even heard this until right now

But to Op the fastest/best way to cancel is melee or pressing tac com


It’s rare. Then there’s this issue where LT seems to be held down itself, so character is automatically aiming down the sight. The only way to get out of it is to press LT again or some random button.

I used to melee to cancel sights in Tech Test. Then I aim downwards to cancel in Horde. I haven’t tried switching weapons because then have to switch back. I will have to try tac-com.

Aiming down works but the fastest way is definitely melee or tac com

As for the glitch its gotta be super rare Ive probably used that weapon more than most and never came across it

I’ve always done melee myself. Never had an issue personally.

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Oo wow. I had never heard of the infinite melee thing either. This is all great info!

Not sure where and why this was brought in this thread but this usually happens to me when I use my keyboard to tip something in the middle of a match. Never had this issue with controller-only.

I hit left bumper to cancel

Use tac com to cancel out, its really effective with just a click of a button.

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By the way, it’s actually called the Freedom Lancer, not the GL Lancer or any other variant.


I always would just swap my weapon, but some great tips in here as well.

Never mind how to cancel it - how in the name of greek buggery do I even fire the grenade effectively? I aim at people’s feet, it misses. I aim above their head, it misses. I aim it at their actual body, it misses. I try to guess where people are going to run to and aim there, it misses.

I feel I am doing something wrong, for it to be missing even stationary targets. Any advice from the pros would be welcomed! Thanks.

It’s a janky weapon for sure

As the master of the Freedom Lancer the key to this weapon is to aim it just a tad bit in front of the intended target