What’s the easiest Master horde map?

The principal problem is when you play master horde you will go for 2h30 -3h (with tile in lobby for dtart at 5 players)
And you won 10 card and … 15000 exp ,IF you finish 50 waves !
If you don’t you waste 1h for what ? 2/3 cards and 4000-5000 exp max ?? Ok it’s a game but if you have no goal when you play … You might as well watch a movie or do the dishes.

At this point you only appear to want to punish people for their private lobbies and how they play the game.

That’s a no go.

Games should be fun. Obviously people enjoy Forge or it wouldn’t be popular.

Why is it there’s always someone who wants to rail against what the majority of players enjoy doing.

Be it a map, hero choice, or play strategy.

As mentioned above, find like minded friends and move forward in life.


My goal is to have fun and try to finish all the maps. My goal does not include grinding imaginary levels for an xbox achievement. Grinding the same map over and over to hit a mark for an achievement, well surely you might as well be cleaning dishes yourself! :smiley:

How am I trying to punish people? They lose nothing. What about my idea punishes anyone, they are still free to play forge over and over again for the exact same reward they were getting. Or is it more my idea would trigger your own FOMO?

Ok but I allready finish 16 maps on master.

You’ve suggested TC cut the fab size in half or otherwise stop it from blocking a side.

Seems like you have an axe to grind.

Once again you have the freedom to play however you want. Instead, you are worrying about what others do in a private lobby.

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To be fair, if people are relying on the private lobby page for games with randomers, and all you can find is Forge, then it kinda limits your own opportunities as well. Granted he can start his own lobby, but if everyone is used to doing easy runs on Forge etc then it deskills a large portion of the playbase. I see where he’s coming from. Many people want the easy way because they’re grinding and this problem is something that TC have inadvertently created.

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The answer is easy: Pahanu! :innocent:

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So playing an easy 50 waves deskills the playerbase?

That’s interesting coming from you.

Did all the speed runs you did in Gears 4 make you suck as a player?

Usually you have better logic.

It certainly limits experimentation from the player base at large, but I doubt anyone loses skill from playing Forge with the current meta.

Nooooooooooooo. I don’t want forge fixed in any shape or form at all well apart from the underground enemies but thats it. It is the fastest and easiest way to get decent cards in horde and I am not going to tell players how to play lol. I host my own games and I have to say the max time I am waiting is maybe 10 minutes or less and thats playing master on any map. Event when I do play on forge I simply state I am not blocking the entrance and setting up somwhere else and find willing players all the time and sometimes we win and sometimes we lose but at least we tried lol.

It can do. Or at least limit people experiencing and learning new skills. Harder maps are harder for a reason, and require players to do some things a bit differently.

Honestly, when I started GOW5 there were some things I had to relearn - mostly movement. Part of it is learning new things which are part of GOW5, and others were more general core skills which are shared with GOW4. Speedruns use different skills and knowledge. I still played some normal non-speedrun games so wasn’t totally out of practice. I guess it depends on the player, the proportion of normal games to speedruns etc.

I mean, early on in GOW5 I’d grind cards for characters on The Clock and Surge, and suck at the other hives. It’s only when I start actually playing them properly that I started to get better at it.


Because grinding is very boring and all new level need more exp per number . … As level 5 with friendly level … We are not corean ! We have a life a job etc …

It s. Cool to play sometime normally or hardly (hold school ) but not all time.

If you wan’t play forge etc go create your own server with your laws you are free and another player in the same thinking joint you …

Listen the sing of the serie “differents strokes” and you will understand…

I never really understood players obsession with farming cards, leveling and having an easy run rather than having a challenge or just having fun. Spending countless hours playing a video game for character skills and because it’s easy instead of spending that time actually having fun. It’s time wasted if you ask me.


It’s easy to see why. Leveling up is a grindy prospect especially given the card drops. They’ve improved recently but prior they weren’t that great and some cards like epic and legendary will not drop on the easiest difficulties. On the middle difficulties the chance is very small. Some characters aren’t usable on Escape either, but even in Escape there are some easy and quick go-to Hives that people grind (Surge, Clock).

Also some players just aren’t good so they want to minimise the risk of failing and wasting more time.

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I see why players do it. I just dont understand the logic behind doing something boring for hours and hours when you can possibly have fun and level at the same time.
I too want to level my characters but the road to doing it by playing Forge over and over again with the same setup just does not do it for me. I rather try new setups for characters and the fabricator to make it less one sided. A rare mindset in horde it seems.


It’s obviously not that boring to the people who do it.

What bores one person may be a couple hours of good fun for others.

Back in 4 when speed runs were popular, it was much more about the conversation and fun with a group than the challenge.

TC never understood that. Lots of people never got that. There was crying, whining, and gnashing of teeth over the fun many people were having.

We are seeing the same now.

Sorry other people enjoying a game bothers anyone.


I think that’s reflects more on the company and socialisation as opposed to the game!

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Yeah, that is most likely true since there’s mainly nothing but Forge with meta setup to choose from in master lobbies, except for some occasional Exhibit. And if you try to put the fabricator in a “new” spot the team will leave or kick you.

Because WHEN you mastered all maps and after you want up characters and cards the best way to not waste time with dubmbass stupid and noobs low level or re up who go directly in master and dont know anithing is to play a most easyier map with the good tactic … This not fun to waste time play again and again 10 wave and fail you win NOTHING !!!
If it ‘s your pleasure go for it !!!
If i ll play another map it’ s with friends on vocal with characters max up . Nothing else …
You are probably a little boy for say and think that . Me not i am 40 years old i have a job a familly so NO WAST e time when i have a little time to play i maximise it !

District is the easiest, but Marcus can annihilate Pahanu. Played with some italian guys and at some point our JD got so bored/frustrated he started shooting with his snub.