What’s the easiest Master horde map?

Any ideas? :laughing:

I wish they could do something with the fabricator blocking or make more spots viable for building. Half the size of the fabricator to stop this? Look at the completion percentage of each map and alter the xp given as per community difficulty/completions?


You could do that, then again, you are forcing the player base to play in a certain way. It will only force players onto other maps that give the most bang for your buck.

It also takes away from players who try something different on said maps, as opposed to the Fab glitch on Forge or the speedrun on Exhibit.

The actual problems are from the XP and card system. I would actually put more into fixing that problem, which is the overall cause of something like this. Its very similar to the speed run problem in Gears 4, people doing it for credits.

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I wouldn’t have called speedruns in Gears 4 a problem due to the fact that they were largely held in private lobbies among friends or LFG. Not like the incessant Clock and Surge farmers in Escape or Forge and Exhibit in the Horde lobby browser, which is the only really reliable option to find good players now since public matchmaking seems to have been abandoned by most better players in Horde. Can’t blame them either when TC mandatorily imposes a ridiculous BS no wipe modifier that should always be an optional choice for any difficulty for an XP bonus, and not mandatory… which is probably also another reason why 90% of players seem to refuse to play non-JD matches even on a mid level difficulty.

But encouraging players to play more of the maps even for xp would be a good thing, no? I’ve tried for two evenings to get a game that wasn’t forge or exhibit and wasted over an hour each evening not playing. I get your point on fixing the system and the maps don’t help at all.

Ironically, I think Exhibit is far easier purely because only certain bosses can spawn jn that map. You can’t get Kestrels and Swarmaks.


I do agree with you to an extent here.

But it did lead to a Sentry spam that, towards the end of the lifecycle, made it very boring for people. Plus, the fix for the Blood Drive speed run pretty much destroyed the spawns on that map.

I totally agree bro.

Exhibit was super easy in comparison.

It would be a good thing, for those who are playing off-meta, but I don’t think it will help overall. People will go for the easiest route to what they want, either XP or cards.

Unless you drastically change the way these two mechanics work, I don’t think that it would change the number of Forge or Exhibit lobbies that much.

Well the whole obsession with “fixing” speedruns was in the wrong place because TC never addressed the problem behind them. A similar thing is the use of Death From Beyond in Horde to get TCs ridiculous Reups out of the way and then they patch it without first addressing the actual problem that lead to it being used in such ways, promising to change the Reup XP requirements fro months only to then tell us “It’s not a priority”(when it damn well should be) so we’re almost certainly going to see that and better rewards for Reups when it no longer matters.

But sentry spamming in Gears 4 was easier to avoid than the whole Exhibit and Forge obsession of players in Gears 5. The signs of it were fairly obvious when the first thing out was not barriers or weapon lockers but a boosted Sentry, so I often quickly left those matches and searched another match which was not difficult to do as public matchmaking was actually somewhat reliable in the players you could find for it and the game didn’t end your match if you did fail because of a ridiculously dumb design choice TC made that has no business being in public matches as a mandatory requirement or at all.

Security also was somewhat messy when TC tried to get rid of the speedrun for that map. Albeit still somewhat playable in various locations(the spawns or vault building), even without excessive use of Sentries. Of course then in 4 it was also less difficult to occupy less conventional positions on maps because the Dropshot was actually useful and let any player good with it make a difference instead of the puny weapons we have now where it often boils down to “Let someone or something else kill that enemy because TC made their balancing even more atrocious than Gears 4 was”. Yes, Gears 4 may not have been balanced but it was fun in its own rights and didn’t just nerf player damage to the ground with everything(if not JD) while keeping the sponge. Our power level(and direct Drop hits/Torque headshots) at least offset the ridiculous enemies then.

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I’m all for just allowing players to do what they want. If they choose to just rinse Forge over and over again, then it’s on them really.

GOW4 speedruns was the same - people just did War Machine, Lift Apex and Blood Drive (before that was patched) because they were easy. I personally mixed it up and learnt and regularly did speedruns on most of the other maps (I think by the end I knew speedruns on 31 out of 34 of the maps) and my group would rotate maps all the time.

I’d suggest doing some networking and building up a group of friends to play with who share your views and want to mix it up more.


The answer to this is Map builder. A map editor for gears has been asked for for a decade.

A large amnt of time should’ve been dedicated to get the map builder more tiles, and more refined features. If they aren’t going to give us good, new and interesting maps for both multiplayer and horde then they should’ve utilized one of the features they advertised with the game to fulfill that expectation. I like many others hate to see so many remakes, and even moreso not even a reimagining of a map, just the same exact map from g4.

Map editor. Release playlists with best community maps for horde and multiplayer quick play. would be awesome and great for the community as a whole. It’s worth the time and resources.

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I get that and but if you had a XP modifier that was in motion that rewarded completions on the least completed maps then they could still do what they wanted but create some variety in the matches available. So right now Forge and exhibit would give the standard 1x XP but something like (i’m guessing) Vasgar and Icebound could give x2XP. Until another map was least completed then that would become X2XP and so on. Surely that wouldn’t be too hard to do?

People could still play exactly as they wanted but rewards not just grinding out the same maps. Of course that could also work for escape, people could still grind cards but not more than 1X XP on say surge.

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I suppose Horde could implement a similar feature to Escape right now - which grants extra skill cards for Hives which the player hasn’t completed that much. Maybe increase the number of cards dropped by 2 or 3 for Horde?

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This is the kind of creativity that I wish TC had.

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When you had mastered all map horde what you want ? Up characters lvl 18 and card level 5 and after re up XX quickly and when you see how many points we need for this, you choice the most easy map for this . Forge exhibit and before nerf barrier the easter egg of district …

Why will you play on vasgar or icebound for fail at wave 9 ??? Not productive to waste precious time for nothing …

Personnally my favorite map is pahanu because it’s open big and make me think star wars dagoba lol but not easy in master with random …

People can also play for fun, you know. Not just for grinding which most of the playerbase seems to be caught up in, instead of actually playing the game.

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Forge isn’t easy map. Put the fab back to spawn like the old school way back in gears 4. I can guarantee you it will become more challenging. It’s just the grind, hence why I don’t play it anymore because it gets boring especially if I’m playing as Fahz. I definitely will know for sure JD is gonna dominate the entire game (that’s if the engineer does decide to block one side of).

I still wonder if there is anyone out there that actually has mastered Dam, icebound or Vasgar over 50 times at least (let alone achieving 100 on Forge :sweat_smile:)?

Those are more like challenging maps. Especially if you play with randoms.

With what I suggested and you were getting the XP for X2 you would be getting more for failing at 9 than succeeding at 18 on forge. I’m quite simply suggesting they have to make it worth peoples time to mix the map choice up. If that group then choose to continue to block one path and play forge they haven’t lost anything as it would still be the normal XP.

Yes when you are XX for 5.0 achievement you could play for fun … When i would pass all map mastered i take fun but here isn’t my priority … When i will be XX i will play another way …
If you want challenge play Master on icebound with kat -b and without jd jack keegan kait no bleed character .

Kat -b

Not bad characters but togheter without the dream team ot s a challenge …