What’s a good fahz build?

Just a quick question to any gear heads, what’s the most effective build for fahz for harder difficulties? I ask this because i honesty feel like a support character and that JD and Kait are the main sources of damage, combined with any fortifications del builds. Like I don’t do enough damage at any side I’m on and need a battle buddy. And like the time it takes me to kill someone, a good JD will literally melt everything. Before I can get some decent shots in. Like what am I doing wrong? Like I know I use try shots for boss waves but do I have to forsake using my longshot on higher difficulties and just opt to use tri shots?

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  1. Longshot damage
  2. Auto reload on critical
  3. X-ray damage
  4. X-ray extension
  5. Ambush

Focus on normal infantry (Drones, DeeBees and Scions). Leave the rest for your team.

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Xray+crit damage. Focus on those. Of course, your aim need to be true and don’t rely on zoomed view too much…

Take note you don’t need to aim in the open to shoot during xray and can just shoot through walls . Your bullets will also pierce. E.g 3 drones below the level underground, aim at purple silhouette heads as they overlap and splat all 3 dies in 1 shot.

However you need some investment in perk upgrades for high waves due to their increased toughness, especially 41+ to one shot / 1 crit kill.


Something else to keep in mind. X-Ray allows you to headshot Wardens through their blocking animation. It can really help out if your team is in a bind and you need to deal with the Warden quickly.

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  1. Ambush
  2. Exploit Weakness
  3. Patience
  4. Critical Parade
  5. Explosive Critical Hit

I only play on Master and find that this set-up works very well. Switch out to Tri-shots, and upgrade your Critical Damage and Feedback perks.

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Does that work if it still has the helmet?

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My setup is: “you magnificent beast” in upper slot, “mock crying” in right slot, “flank em’” in left slot, and “advance” in lower slot.

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I’m actually not entirely sure lol maybe it goes through the helmet? If not then you’ll knock the helmet off with your first X-Ray shot going straight through his block.

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My list is

  1. Longshot Damage
  2. Longshot Handling
  3. Ambush
  4. Master Marksman
  5. Steady Hand

Here’s why I disagree with you on using two card slots for X-ray related things: X-ray only lasts for about 12 seconds (?) every 2 rounds. I’d rather use those slots to make my reloading faster and reduce camera shake on all my shots.

But I find using the Markza with X-ray, I am able to do huge damage to many of the bosses by hitting them at multiple points while the bullets pass through them. The Carrier takes the most damage from this, and Swarmaks take quite a bit, with Flocks taking some extra, while it seems to have no impact on Sentinels or the Kestrel.

I actually get x-ray once per wave with the right amount of damage dealt and leveled perk. That ultimate is severely underrated.