What re-up is as heroic gnasher?

I’m 43 ATM

Re-up 40 Team ICE Markza Heroic Ascendant Gnasher

I don’t have the gnasher skin?? I’m re-up 43

Re-up 48 Team ICE Lancer GL, Hammerburst & Retro Lancer Heroic Ascendant Lancer & Snub

I some how have lancer one ???

Sorry about typos

Heroic skins are for getting to level 20 with characters, arent they? Not reup…

There’s two. Heroic Venom is for classes, Heroic Ascendant is for Reups.

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But they look the same.

Not denying that. The Venom skins are better from a design standpoint because they have something that makes them unique and stand out. Ascendant, well, it’s Venom skins without what makes them stand out. I don’t really see why they added so few of the team colored bits to the skins because they are practically never noticeable.

Most skins in gears 5 look good in the custom screen but in game they dont really stand out.

Vemom/ascendant just looks like someone wrapped their gun with an old news paper.

You get it with the Kantus at 50.

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