What rare or uncommon skins do you use?

Skins that you don’t see other players have or use often.

I use the rusted weapon set with the corpse red shirt gear

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TCA Recruit Lancer and Factory… everything else.

(For Context)

Chrome Steel Baird.

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Debee weapon skin set

I like the vanilla look with the extra added lights. I also like the Onyx Guard set for the same reason, I just wish it had the lights on the magazines too

I hate all of the OTT animated skins and bright, fluorescent colours


I like to use the matte black ones as well but looks like their was a slight oversight on a weapon or two and they left the lights on them

Does the Psychic execution count as a “skin”?

I’m just using the Chrome Steel ones right now. Once I complete the Black Steel set I’ll switch to those.

Before I bought Chrome Steel Weapons it was Factory everything and for a Character I’d use DR1-Protector/Original Kantus

Now and days I only rock the Chrome Steel Characters, Skins and whatever Black Steels I have.

I use the pixel omen skin set, top 3 fav skins in the game for me.

Gears 5 | What's Up – November 18 2019

Purple Phantom until the Pink Phantom is available

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Mexican flag

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DITTO just for the lancer

Cardboard DB!!!


The only uncommon skin I use is the Locust Rune weapon set. At the moment I am back to using Heroic Venom (On the weapons I have) and the Master Loadout.

The Palace Guard, the Sentinel Theron and Jermad

I change them pretty much every time I play, but if we’re talking rare or unusual I guess I’ll mention Rockstar lancers and naturally whenever the Black Phantom discussion takes place I’ll remember to equip them.

Other than that hmm… Gilded Kait.

uncommon as heck but Jermad is pretty common.

I don’t see Jermad often to be honest.
I think the Palace Guard is uncommon because of its size and slow quotes. In Italian is very loud and deep, you can hear him from too far away

the palace guard is in fact a UNIT.

It’s cool as hell! I adore his armor design but damn, he speaks like an 80 years old man hahah

hes as old as the hills lol

Jermads my personal favorite of the therons. but the classic grenadier and beast rider are my babies.

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