What Presents Are We Gonna Get This Year? (Gearsmas 2020)

Merry Gearsmas! (Its not Gearsmas yet, but I’m celebrating early) SO, todays forum we will be talking about what TC is gonna be doing for this years Gearsmas! Last Gearsmas we got a new Gamemode and new skins, but what are we gonna get this year??? Well mostly skins, but aside from that what else are we getting? 2020 hs sucked and maybe Gearsmas will help us in these rough times, tell me what you think we’re getting!

Most likely whatever we received last year and in Gears 4.


Pretty much, but I wish TC could just pump their game up, ya know?

TC are too busy chasing their tail with all the bugs and glitches in Gears 5 to think of/implement anything new.

Hope you enjoyed last year’s stuff, as well as feelings of deja vu.


Happy Christmas, Harry!

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Have a Merry Gearsmas, Mage!

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A stable gaming experience

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Hopefully, that Black Screen of Death has gone to far…

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It’s like the bloody plague.

I reckon it’ll be here for a short while.

I’ve just wanted wrapping paper skins like in Gears 4 this whole time. I loved decking Kait out in matching stupid wrapping paper on her armor and every gun each Christmas.

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IKR, XD. SO RELATABLE IN THESE TOUGH TIMES! Gee, 2020 sucks nowadays.

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Virtual face masks for everyone!

YESSSS! We need that. Masks really suck, EXCEPT A COPPER MASK! Those things feel awesome.

I have a differing opinion, but we all human here. Just gotta take it one day at a time.

Everyone has their own opinions! Ands thats ok my friend.


A person I just met is more civil about an opinion than some of my former friends

What a time to be alive


I’m someone who hates police brutality, Thinks bullying is awful and fcing messed up, and I accept everyones opinions.

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So the mask Easter egg on the Rig map in Gears Judgment was really a prophecy?

Reminds me of the prank on The Office.

Someone in the village probably really didn’t like Kait

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