What old Xbox games are you playing

There are some classics on the Original Xbox that I still play today. Halo 2, Need For Speed Underground, Simpsons Hot n Run. Back when times were simpler.

What I want to know is, are there any games that the community still play, even if it is once in a blue moon, on the OG Xbox (or backwards compatible with XO).

Sorry if the thread is duplicated from somewhere else, I did search Original Xbox and got nothing so :joy:. Looking at you Red.


Im glad to see some people know how to use the search feature lol

Anyways on topic. I never had an Original Xbox. I was always a Playstation fan until the day I played Gears of War and then I never turned back


Had playstation 1 & 2 and then got the xbox 360. I am currently NOT playing any older games right now. I did play Ninja Gaiden Black a few months ago but can’t get involved right now with Gears 5/Borderlans3/Doom Eternal coming out the next few months.


Doom Eternal looks like a great game coming out, just holding judgement until the first reviews hit.

Even if the reviews are bad it’s still a game I want to play, the reviews just determine where on the list I can put it.

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Personally I was never really a review person. Id rather get my hand on the game myself. Thats why I miss the days of Blockbuster. I would rent the game and if I liked it go out and buy it


Yeah, that would be good for me in that situation.

I do think there is still a market for it, but the online world has made its mind up.

Yea and theres not a lot of games out there or coming out that peak my interest so gamefly is a no go for me as I feel like I’d be wasting money

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I am working on Borderlands 2, pushing through the old Gears campaigns with my wife, and I can always go back to Portal.

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Once I’ve finished a game,

Apart from some very rare instances,

I never replay them.


You are a strange person :joy:

I completed Batman: Arkham Asylum/City/Origins/Knight 4 times, 100% and all challenges 100%.

I deleted 3 save files in Arkham City to redo, and so far one in Arkham Knight.

What a Franchise :+1: There should be an achievement for getting through all the Story Mode without getting hit once, for 5G. I’d have it numerous times.

Currently revisiting my other passion, Tekken. Tekken 7 is good but the music is mediocre compared to previous entries and customisation is limited, so I may return to Tekken Tag Tournament 2. You can take a wild guess as to my preferred character.


Same here man. Once I get the achievements I want, if not all of them, then the game gets sold and time to move on.

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I’m not too much into the Tekken series, I played some of the Tekken series on the PS and PS2, but havent played any of the recent releases.

Isn’t Tag Tournament 2 supposed to be on Games with Gold? If so I might try it after Gears 5 has died down a bit.

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The main one I got on my hard drive is cod World at war.
I didn’t reuse I hadn’t completed it on veteran.
Only problem is the game keep glitching and at the end of the level I don’t get the cutscene and I’ve started that mission over 3 times.

I never owned the original XBOX. I enjoyed the Sony PS2 a whole lot though during that time. I bought an XBOX 360 for Gears Of War to play online with my brother who was at college at the the time and never looked back. Now I’m a Microsoft XBox fanboy and will never touch a Sony console again. How times change. Right now I don’t play much on my XBOX 1 just mostly use it for Netflix, but once Gears 5 is released that is all I will play.

I’m not sure, if it is I’d recommend it. The latest Tekken, Tekken 7, had a great story but lacked a lot in characters, customisation, BGM and moves lists. Still enjoyable, it doesn’t hold the title of “Least Improved Sequel”…Gears 5 is hoovering that one right up.

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