What no one is addressing about the lack of in Gears 5

I haven’t had Quiznos in years lol

Mount up!

TC sees this and says: Yep, Another topic about demanding Mac Delivery skin …

We heard you, hes gonna be on store forever …


Wow! That’s wild. Aim assist is one thing buy curving bullets too?!

You guys got to understand is that developers tend to cater to the casual crowed during the early days of the game. When they game starts to die, is when they will start taking ya’ll advice into consideration lol


Mac looks like a pre-hypertrichosis Chewbacca.

And gears 5 is just implementing the magnus effect to get that bullet curving action. It’s very progressive

Car insurance

Gnasher game obsolete? Either you don’t actually play or you aren’t very good. 90 percent of kills in my matches are gnasher related