What no one is addressing about the lack of in Gears 5

You can clearly see he compares it to other gears games, implying he knows and ackowledges the others have too, the difference is that in this game its just broken in that sense


I’ve turned the corner on it, I find it funny now

As a “gears player since '06”, I have to say it comes off as douchey, and has become so cliche that it’s a meme at this point.

Saying that a person is a 06 Vet in Gears of War I don’t find it offensive, actually the first thought that I have is that is a persona who is very knowledgeable on the game.

Just as a person tells me that uses the Scilian Defense in Chess, that person for me truly its a pro at the Game.

It’s not that we view 06 vets negatively. I’ve been playing gears since that year as well. The thing we make fun of is the people who act like their opinion on something is more important than someone else’s based solely on the fact they’ve been playing gears since '06.


Well, aim assist is common in shooters. I strongly dislike it. I turn it off when I can. I am not one of those that lets the game do that aiming for me so it will cause me to overcompensate.

Gears 5 is a little more than AIM assist. I mean, full blown misses will hit. The shot visibly hits the wall beside and behind the player and still the shot counts. Stuff like that.

As for the wallbouncing I thing it is improved. In past Gears people abused it because it was broken. And, this is huge, if you are a good or great player you will adapt and win. That could be said about the way the bullets work but you can be spot on for nothing and miss and get a kill. It is random and hard to compensate for some random event.

When playing I never saw this op lancer. I think the key was that people were used to the broken wall bounce and would just use that to slide in through the open and eat shots. Now they have to use cover. So they are forced to play and adapt. And you see a lot of “veteran” and “competitive” Gears players whining.

The only thing the game truly needs is for the bullet assist crap fixed. Those random damage full shots. And things like that. Make it work correctly within the current parameters and the good players will still be the good players.

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These are the problems everyone is addressing lmao.

There’s been hundreds of posts about movement, aim assist, rifles, input delay and i agree with them all, including yours. The only problem is, nothing has happened yet, TC is ruining gears for me. Gears 4 was the spark but Gears 5 is where it’s possibly gonna start (gears being ruined)

Got it Thanks = ) , I really hope TC reads these forums , usually the people that have been playing that long are the people who knows how the game should behave.

Kind Regards.

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Well if we’re going off of the opinions of how the game should behave based on OG players then we should all be kung fu flipping out of the map and crab walking everywhere. Seems like everyone forgot that Gears 1 was a buggy mess of a multiplayer.

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Do you think TC will fix Gears 5 ? , I do agree that previous Gears of Wars games have had difficulties however not in this way whatsoever, I mean , It doesn’t even feel remotely as a Gears of War game being honest with you .


I think it still feels like a gears game. But they definitely have a lot of bugs/glitches to iron out. In my opinion they released the game in an unfinished state. Lack of multiplayer characters, only a handful of new maps, multiple campaign bugs with improper saving, game crashes, enemies not spawning, etc. The servers have been less than reliable (To put it lightly) even after holding the tech test which they said was to stress test the servers. I hope TC will fix these issues in a timely manner and that they’ll listen to the community. A larger TC presence on the forums would be a nice start. As far as I’m aware TC Octus is the only actual TC employee on the forums. I’m sure he does a good enough job but we need at least two more people.

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Don’t forget that they knew about this feedback from the tech test and STILL didn’t plan to do anything about it.

They wanted the game to come out as casualized as possible just like Gears 4. Remember the starting hammerburst at the beginning of 4? Yeah…

We just have to wait until the actual game comes out. That is how I see it.

Right now, treat this game like a beta like I do…


Basically, lol

I mean it bothers me as if it’s some sort of credibility statement, but I just see it EVERY SINGLE POST that brings to attention an issue with the game.

I get it, experience with past games means you are inclined to disagree with changes, but I dislike it when people use it as a basis for their argument. That’s all.

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See my above post.

It doesn’t bother me to the point where I feel like going on a tirade and I somewhat agree with what you’re saying but it’s just grating at this point

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Rolling has always been pretty punishable. It was definitely better in GOW1 because it was faster, variable shotgun spread and latency but still very punishable there.

I think Aim assist is definitely what’s breaking rifles atm, if you play Execution/Escalation the lancer isn’t nearly as effective

I only remember the aim slowing down in other Gears games. This one flat out swivels your aim. Every time I Lancered someone and they slide into cover or roll out the way, I swear the camera perfectly tracks them. They either need to tone it down, or keep it in Social.

Consoles aways had aim assist. Also wall bouncing is a plague. Just like crab walking in gears1. Want need to be address is lancer range need a nerf so u can’t kill someone across map. Also hammer burst need a buff it basically a wet noodle.

And loves a good battle of wits on a hillside.

What’s wrong with wet noodles :frowning:

I’m a 2018 vet and I’ll 1v1 and 06 Vet for toasted salami Quiznos.