What no one is addressing about the lack of in Gears 5

Most reviews I’ve seen so far have been mostly from people who are giving their first impressions on the game being that they are relatively new to the franchise. And the other group have been from people who enjoyed GOW 3 but didn’t like 4 because lets face it, it was too hard for them to play. And it’s not for everyone. So with that being said. I have been a competitive gears player since GOW 1. And I am hugely disappointed with Gears 5

Primarily the Multiplayer, which is about 90% of why I play. And here is why and why so many GOW Vets are feeling the same way.

  1. Aim assist, that is just damn right disrespectful to all Gears games.

  2. Movement, (wallbouncing) it is very limiting, slow and not very useful other than for the show of it. It’s utilization is poor.

  3. Overpowered rifles, makes the gnasher game obsolete. Players just camp in and shoot over cover, causing a very slow pace of game and not entertaining.

  4. Rolling is too punishable.

  5. Input delay between animations are way too long. This is where the”fight” of gears becomes really competitive and fun. But a lot of it has been tuned down for new players to have more of a fair advantage. It’s skill base is all for nothing.

Those are the majors issues in my opinion about Gears 5 multiplayer and I hate to say it. But it’s the worst Gears I have ever played.


Hahahahahahaha how cute. Someone who thinks a console based controller shooter never used aim assist before. Look its not like I don’t have issues with this game but god damn are the forums laughable when you guys are only now realizing aim assist is in the game because they blatantly tell you. Hint hint. If you’ve been using a controller…you’ve been using aim assist for most shooters


Then be more specific. Bullet magnetism is a thing and when people are referring to the kill cam…do they not notice how laggy that thing is?

So bullet magnetism? Yes I agree. No aim assist vs bullet magnetism is not just semantics when there a general understanding what each one means. Maybe you should learn em

It doesn’t become a semantics argument at “some point”, it’s you being a dummy and making your argument just look like incoherent screeching. What does it look like to people who actually draw the distinction between the 2 when reading the topic titles? That’s right. You all just look like a bunch of dumbos who have no idea what you’re talking about.

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Everyone should just wait untill the first Major update. You know it’s coming. How many times did TC tweek the weapons settings in Gears 4. Like every dam season it seem like. We had a boomshot Gnasher for months lol.

The bullet magnetism is ridiculous. If they’re insistent on having it please keep it for Quickplay. Keep ranked competitive and remove it.

This is a regular shot missed. Nothing to see here.

This is bullet magnetism affecting the shot. The bullets are literally curving toward the player. Notice how every pellet from the gnasher is nowhere where I aimed. The second shot I killed the player. This is not okay. TC, please. Change this.


No ■■■■ aim assist is a thing with controllers, he very clearly wasn’t talking about your regular everyday aim assist but instead the broken ■■■ Hand-Holding TC put in place, he doesn’t need to be specific if you have an ounce of common sense and have at least played a few matches of Versus.


This seems pretty heated… I am just here to chime in my two cents.

The bullet magnetism is the real culprit here… but there is also more aggressive aim assist than any previous gears game. I have never had an enemy pull my reticle off of a target by simply walking past my line of sight before Gears 5. It has never been easier to blind fire someone while in cover, no matter where they are, because the game just default locks onto them.

This game has a touch of ‘easy mode’.


Thank you for this. Literally all valid points. I’m in agreement of what you pointed out . They took what made Gears of War … Gears. Such a waste how they choose to cater to casual new comers. And abandon the vet hardcore fans who helped make this franchise.#makegearsgreatagain

Geez . This is that ■■■■■■■■

lol the lancer ist not overpowerd.
Lag+slow movement is the reason why this game is so campy


My magnets got the poles reversed. Bullets repel the head.


I like how the title says what people aren’t addressing and then you proceed to point out things people have addressed none stop

It also makes no sense, the lack of what? Aim assist, movement, overpowered rifles, rolling and input delays. There is not a lack of these things :joy:


I agree about the lancer being too op, noticed too in the enforcer

Stop this. Please

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I agree with all but one of his points. That being miss rolling should be punished. You shouldn’t be able to make movement mistakes and not get punished for it


Not true

Authentic 06 gears vets don’t gotta flex nuts, cus real gangsta authentic 06 gears vets know they gottem.

Why does this always trigger people so much lol. It’s one thing if somebody says it in a “look at me, I’m special” kind of way, but most people I see who say it only use it to add context to their complaints/observations. Which is understandable and reasonable to me?

I’m much more inclined to care about your complaints and ideas if I know you’ve experienced all the various permutations of Gears of War. As opposed to somebody who’s only played Gears 5 via their $2 Game Pass and is sitting here claiming they got the fix for the franchise.

Just my two cents, I guess.